A.A. Laporte Payne letter 3 April 1917.

A.A. Laporte Payne letter 3 April 1917.




April 3rd 1917


My dearest,


Thank you so very much for your two letters and the box of cigarettes all of which are delightful. I thought of your kisses with each one I smoked.  Perhaps if the gods are kind I may have them in reality in a short while – provided of course if you will let me.  I may be able to get away sometime next week – about the middle – if I don’t get away then I shan’t be able to get away at all.  Don’t let anyone know – not even my people as of course, it may not come off.  But I have to tell you as with everything else.


At any rate April 16th to the end is quite impossible I am so sorry your temper has not been good lately; you must not get like that.  Think of what I shall feel like if you are unkind on my leave.


You seem to be having a good time in town. It will be delicious to have some civilization again, and some time with you after all these months.


Thank you – so you think that my arrival on April 1st would have made you an April fool!


The weather is still awful. Thick snow yesterday.  It must clear up if I get away on leave.


I hope you & all are keeping well. I am quite fit only a bit anxious in case I don’t get my leave.  We have to get our leave from Corps and the Colonel signed it last night.


I am just off to the line to observe for a bombardment and I am keeping two officers waiting for me, and I have only half an hour left to get down there, but I had to write & let you know that I am still thinking & longing for you & hoping for leave.


We had a gas alarm last night but it was a false one. There was quite a fuss for a time.


Au revoir, darling,

Ever yours with love & kisses.



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