9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Operation Order No 51

9th Canadian Artillery Brigade  Operation Order No 51


Lieut. Col. H.G. Carscallen Comdg




  1. Under instructions from Canadian Corps the 9th Brigade C.F.A. has been placed at the disposal of the 1st C.D.A. to take part in a minor operation.
  2. The Brigade will march at 7.30 a.m. tomorrow, the 20th instant to the 1st C.D.A. area.
  1. Route:- Amettes-
  1. Cauchy-a-la-Tour
  2. Divion-Houdain
  3. Barlin
  4. The order of march will be,

Brigade Headqtrs.

32nd Battery

33rd Battery

45th Battery

36th Battery

Starting point as given verbally.


  1. Wagon lines Barlin will be selected by 1st C.D.A.


  1. Advanced parties consisting of one officer, one N.C.O. and horseholder per battery, and one officer from Bde Hdqrs Barlin will report at 10.00 a.m. on the 20th inst at Hdqrs 1st C.D.A. and will be shown the wagon lines. These parties will meet the Brigade at Barlin and guide the units to their wagon lines.


  1. The batteries will march with full echelon, Ammunition to complete establishment will be issued by the D.A.C. as the brigade passes through Calonne Ricquart.


  1. The batteries will march with the unexpended portion of the days rations and one days rations.


  1. The 1st C.D.A. have been asked to arrange for the issue of forage on the 21st inst in the 1st C.D.A. area.


  1. Lines and billets at present occupied must be left in an absolutely clean condition.



  1. Before moving into action Battery Commanders will ensure that all ranks have gas helmets, steel helmets, indentify discs, field dressings.



for O.C. 9th Brigade C.F.A.

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