Left Group Move 26 Feb 1917

SECRET                                                                                 Copy No…..7

Left Group Move                                 A.C. F/26


REFERENCE 3rd Aust. Divl Artillery O.O. No. 10.


The regrouping of Batteries of the Left Group (Left Sector) Artillery will take place as follows:-


  1. Night 31st Battery withdraws and moves into position at H.12.b.10.10. 4 guns

27/28/2/17       I.7.b.95.95 2 guns. and will come under the orders of C.O. Right Group.

108th Battery, 1 Section withdraws and moves into position at I.8.a.60.60., and will come under the orders of the C.O. Right Group.


D/175 Battery (Right Group) 1 Section moves into position at C.26.b.95.63., and will come under the orders of the O.C. 108th Battery, Left Group.


  1. Night A/175 Bty. (Right Group) moves into position C.26.c.41.05. 4 guns

28th Feby.        C.27.a.10.82. 2guns and will come under the orders of C.O. Left Gp.

1st March

  1. Composite The Section of the 108th Battery referred to para (1) will form part of a B attery Battery (which will be called D/3 Bty.) under the command of Capt.

W.L. Marfell.


  1. Command Major F.P. Derham, D.S.O., will take over command of the Right

of Rt Group    Group.


  1. Reliefs. All Reliefs will be carried out a Section at a time and Groups will be informed on completion of moves ordered, by the following code messages.

On Departure “Rations despatched at …. Pm”

On Arrival at new positions:- “Rations received at ….p.m.”

Battery Commanders will make necessary arrangements between themselves.

Reliefs will be completed by 10 p.m.

All registers, maps, telephone lines, and trench stores will be handed over to the incoming units for which receipts will be obtained.


  1. Defence (a). O.C.31st Battery will make arrangements to hand over to O.C.

of the Line.     A/175 all Maps, Registrations, Log books, Trench stores and full particulars of Zone Night lines etc. at present covered by 31st Bty.


(b). A/175 Bty. will be responsible for the Front covered by 31st Battery from 6 p.m. 1st March, by which time Night lines and retaliation points should be registered.


(c). From 6 p.m. on the night of the 27th; inst until 6 p.m. 1st March (when A/175 will take over the defence of the Sector at present covered by 31st Bty.) the 29th & 30th Btys. will be responsible for the undermentioned Sector of the line.

29th Bty. From I.5.b.20.80. – C.23.c.80.70.

30th Bty. From C.23.c.80.70. – The Lys River.


(d). Night Line.  Night lines for para (c) will be as follows:-


29th Bty.          (1) C.29.c.70.50.

(2) C.29.c.40.90.

(3) C.29.a.35.10.

(4) C.29.a.60.40.

(5) C.29.a.80.90.

(6) C.23.c.90.40.

30th Bty.          (1) C.23.d.05.90.

(2) C.23.b.10.45.

(3) C.17.d.00.10.

(4) C.17.c.85.55.

(5) C.17.a.50.15.

(6) C.17.a.30.50.


Registration of the above night lines by 29th and 30th.  batteries will be done forthwith.


31st Bty. 7.      O.C. 30th Battery will detail an Officer to report to O.C. 31st Battery

O.P.                 to be taken to 31st Battery’s  O.P. – PAIKAKARIKI – to have

the country observed by 31st Battery pointed out and described to him.

O.C. 31st Battery will arrange for this to be done by an Officer intimately acquainted with sector covered by his Battery.

O.C. 30th Battery will arrange that PAIKAKARIKI is manned during the hours of daylight by an officer from the 30th Battery from the time of the 31st Battery withdrawing from its present position until A/175th Battery takes over the defence of the 31st Battery Sector.

O.C. 30th Battery will also arrange to have direct telephone communication from PAIKAKARIKI to 30th Battery established before 31st Battery moves out.


Ammunition.   31st Battery will arrange to transfer all its ammunition to the new

  1. position less 300 rounds (50% ‘A’ & 50% ‘AX’) to be left in pits at 31st Battery’s Detached Section’s present position.


No re-arrangements of ammunition will take place amongst Howitzer Batteries.


31st Battery will report to Left Group Headquarters at the same time as they notify their departure, the amount of ammunition removed and the balance remaining (specifying the natures).

A/175th Battery will fill up their echelons from their present positions and dump this amount at their new position.


Staff for 9.     Staff and equipment to be supplied from the Left Group to Right

Right Group.   Group will be as follows:-

C.O. Major F.P. DERHAM D.S.O.

O.O. 2/Lt. C.L. MILLER

2 telephones (8th Bde. H.Qrs will supply these)


Staff for 10.    108th Battery will detach the undermentioned personnel and signalling D/3 Bty.     equipment:-

1 Section Commander.

1 Section Personnel and guns and gun stores complete.

4 Telephonists.

2 Telephones.

31st Battery will detail 2/Lieut LIPP who will be attached to D/3 Battery.

The above mentioned officers and telephonists (with 2 telephones) will report to Capt. Marfell at 107th Battery at 10 a.m. on the 28th inst.


  1. Wagon All Wagon Lines of present Left Group Batteries or Sections and also

Lines.              of A/175 and D/175 Batteries or Sections will remain as at present and ammunition, rations, etc., to Batteries or Sections new positions will be transported therefrom.


12 Administration.      The Batteries and sections of the 8th F.A. Brigade detached by this order to form new Right Group will continue to be administered by C.O. 8th F.A. Brigade.

They will be under the order of the C.O. Right Group for Tactical Purposes.

A/175 Battery and Section D/175 Battery which will be attached to Left Group, will continue to be administered by the C.O. 175th Brigade R.F.A., but will be under the orders of C.O. Left Group for Tactical Purposes.





** Allsop

Lieut. Colonel

Commanding Left Group Artillery.


Copy No.        1. 3rd D.A.H.Q.

  1. 9th Inf Bde.
  2. 29th Battery
  3. 30th Battery
  4. 31st Battery
  5. 108th Battery
  6. Right Group
  7. ”A” Bty 175th
  8. ”D”   do do
  9. Centre Group
  10. War Diary
  11. File.

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