Fred Hammond letter 26 Feb 1917



Dear F & M

Just gogging along as usual.  I received Gladys letter tonight the thaw rather disorganised the mail for a day or so but everything is OK now so you will probably be getting this letter rather earlier.  I suppose it was great fun at the Inter Lecture.  Had a nice bath today and a clean change so feel a little more like a Christian.  Was rather surprised to hear from Gladys that Geo was out here.  You might send me his address so soon as poss then I can drop him a line now and again in fact I may drop across him who knows.  I suppose you will have heard good news from the Somme front ere you get this.  We are all anticipating the war will be over some time this year so everything seems cheerful.  I went to a cinema show the other night & enjoyed a good laugh.  Today has been lovely showing signs of spring.  We have a gramophone in our Billet at present.  Heard several records familiar to me which made me think of the happy time I spent with our gramophone.  How are you all keeping I am OK just shaken a winter cold off and feeling fine.  I suppose they will be after Par next.  Well I think this is all at present.  Remember me to all.

Luv Guss

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