Amendment to Battery order 26 Feb 1917








  1. Night 28th Feb/1st March 1917.

D/175. One section will not move from position at I.8.a.6.6. and the incoming section of 107th Battery will occupy the position at I.8.a.35.45.

Capt W.L. Marfell will take over the command of the composite howitzer battery D/3 at 10 a.m. 1st March.


  • On the Night 28th Feb/1st March and until further orders the line will be held by two 18 pdr Batteries as follows:-27th Battery at I.8.a.70.1 B/175 Batty at I.13.b.00.85.

assisted by

C/175 Batty at H.24.c.6.1.) Who are allotted

H.30.a.4.0.)  Supplementary Night Lines.


The 1st Battery will not be responsible for the front covered by A/175 on the night 28th Feb/1st March.


  • Battery zones are:-

27th Battery I.17.a.00.25. to I.21.b.75.20.  G.F.L.

B/175         I.21.b.75.20. to I.27.a.1.9.


  • Batteries will support Companies as follows:-

Battery            Battalion         Company         Trenches.

27th Bty              Left               Left H.G.41.  (Gap A. Chards Farm              (Locality

(Lille Road Locality.


“                  “                 Centre H.H.8.   (Cowgate Gap and (Locality; Winedale Gap

“                  “                    Right H.H.7.   Winedale Locality.

B/175               Right              Left H.H.4.     (Salop Gap and Locality                                 (Rue de Bois Gap.

“                  “                  Centre H.H.3.  (Rue de Bois Locality (Willow Gap.

“                    “                  Right H.M.9.   (Willow Locality

(Park Gap and Locality.


  • Night Lines allotted are:-

27th Battery                             B/175                          C/175


  1. I.16.c.O5.03. 1. I.26.b.38.88 1. I.21.c.15.00.
  2. I.16.c.62.40. 2. I.20.d.90.37. 2. I.21.c.50.15.
  3. 3. I.16.d.00.58. I.21.c.45.71. 3. I.21.c.20.68.

4.I.16.d.30.80.                        4. I.21.d.03.70.           4. I.21.b.70.20.

5.I.16.b.40.03.             5. I.21.b.18.20.            5. I.22.a.15.45.

  1. I.16.b.60.50. 6. I.21.b.60.60. 6. I.22.a.55.82.


The Night O.P. GLENFIELD will be manned by D/3 How. Batty.

From dusk to daylight one officer and three telephonists will be on duty there.


  • Liaison Officers will be supplied nightly by:-

27th Battery for Left Battalion.

B/175 Batty. )

C/175 Batty. ) For Right Battalion.


  • Liaison communications will be direct from Companies to their respective batteries. Arrangements will be made for S.O.S. lines to Batteries by Signalling Officers concerned.


  • The above arrangements will come into force at 5 p.m. on the night of February 28th




Lieutenant Colonel R.F.A.

Commanding Right Group Artillery.

Left Sector



B.M.R.A. 3rd Aust Div.

B.M. 10th Bde.

C.O. Centre Group.

C.O. Left Group.






31st Batty.

27th Batty.

Major Derham D.S.O.

Capt. W.L. Marfell.



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