A.A. Laporte Payne letter 22 February 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter 22 February 1917




Feb 22 1917.




You are spoiling me horribly you know. I am getting so many letters that when the post does not bring one from you I am quite angry – not with you of course but with the post.  But you are not so generous with your kisses.  I am only to get consignments apparently on Mondays and Fridays or perhaps an odd two thrown in every now and then.  I quite realise that there must be an enormous demand for them – hence the scarcity for me.  But please try and make a few more exceptions to your rule for me!!


Now don’t you think I am horrid. If it is at all possible to misconstrue what you write I do, don’t I?  You see I should not pretend to misunderstand you if I were not so sure as I am of what you meant.


I am sure I should be very angry with you if you were orthodox as you call it. I want you to be as mad as you can.  As far as I am concerned you can be as unconventional as you like.  I much prefer it, and so do you I think.  Shouldn’t we horrify the dear ‘worthy’ people by such things as becoming more unconventional and mad.  Unfortunately you are almost as bad as I am in not writing what you want to write so perhaps after all we should not shock very many by what we write.  As for what we shall do!  I am not responsible for my actions, you know, at times.  If I got the chance I could kiss you until you could not kiss any more.  I wonder who would tire first.  But that would be most improper wouldn’t it?  I must not let my imagination run riot – or I shall be shocking you next – or are you like me, not shockable?


Last night I had a rotten time I was up to 6.20 a.m. on the telephone. You see we had a ‘little affair’ on and it is my job to see that the liaison between infantry & artillery does not break down and I had to keep in touch with an officer who was with the front line at the other end of the phone.  It is quite interesting at times when Generals & Colonels are not cursing and fuming.


All day to day I have been out visiting battery positions, O.Ps and telephone stations on a sort of tour of inspection and I did not get back till eight, very tired and covered in mud – so you see how much I need you to cheer me up with kisses. I hope you are keeping well and not pale as you were when you wrote.  I wonder if I could have bought any colour back.


We are moving in a day or two which is annoying. I hope we have fine weather for it.  our next office will probably be in a dug-out.



With all my love & kisses

Ever yours


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