3rd Australian DA Operation Order 10 21 Feb 1917

SECRET                                                                                             COPY NO 4.






Reference Map: – HOUPLINES 36.N.W.2) 10,000

N.E. 1.) parts of Edition 6 (redrawn) C.


The 3rd Australian Divisional Artillery will take over the Artillery support of the whole Divisional Front at an early date.


The arrangements will be as follows:-

LEFT GROUP.          30th Battery.                            )

29th Battery.                            ) Will remain

108th Battery (2 Sections)       )


CENTRE GROUP     25th Battery.                            )

26th Battery.                            ) Will remain

107th Battery (2 Sections)       )


RIGHT GROUP         Will be made up as follows.

27th Battery – from 7th F.A. Brigade.

31st Battery – from 8th         “

D/3 Battery –  from     (1 Section 107th Bty.

(1       “      108th Bty.


C.O. – Major F.P. Derham D.S.O.

Adjt. – Lieut T. Morell

O.O. –


Group Commanders will arrange the positions for these Batteries to cover the whole of the Group Zone, and they should also be able to cover the Subsidiary Line from these positions without moving.


Left & Centre Group Commanders will inform D.A.H.Q. of any alterations necessary in the positions of their batteries.

Major Derham will inform D.A.H.Q. of the positions to be occupied by the incoming batteries.


All extra communications necessary will be laid immediately.


On the order to carry out this scheme, the 175th Brigade & “I” Battery R.H.A. will occupy reinforcing positions as follows:-

A/175              – 2 Sections C.26.c.41.05.) Att

1 Section   C.27.a.10.82.) Left Grp.

B/175.             – Remains in present position, Att. Right Grp.

D/175              –  1 Section remains – Att Right Grp.

1 Section reinforces 108th Bty. at C.26.b.95.63. – Att. Left


“I” R.H.A.      – C.27.a.60.82) Att. Centre Grp.


A/287              – Remains in present position – Att. Right Grp.




W.D. Nichols

Major R.A.

B.M., R.A. 3rd Aust Divn.

Issued at 8 p.m.


By D.R.



Cop No 1. War Diary.

  1. File.
  2. 3rd Aust. Divn “G”.
  3. Right Group.
  4. Centre Group.
  5. Left Group.
  6. 9th Infantry Bde.
  7. 10th “ “
  8. 11th “ “
  9. Major F.P. Derham.
  10. O.C. Signals.
  11. Arty Signal Officer.


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