A.A. Laporte Payne letter 16 January 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter 16 January 1917



January 16th 19167


You perfect little darling! So that was the secret.  Thank you so very very much for it.  it is beautiful.  I was more than delighted to get it as you may guess.  I like the colouring very much indeed.  Your lips look very kissable in the picture.  I wish I could have the original all to myself.  I am afraid though you would have a very rotten time.  I am sure you would hate to be made untidy and ruffled.  Wouldn’t you?  I shall have to be careful.  But an intoxicated person is hardly responsible for his actions.


I am so very sorry to hear about Mrs. Cross’ accident. I do hope it did not upset her very much.  Thank heaven you weren’t there.  You seem to be very lucky in getting out of these accidents.  I am glad I was not in the carriage for it would have been doubtful whether I was not the sort of person to bring bad luck.  I hope Mrs. Cross has recovered from the effects.


So you are staying the night with the Gardners – oh!  I hope they are well and that you enjoyed your visit.  Thank you for finding time to write to me from there.  (That is unkind isn’t it.  well I can’t help it sometimes).  You don’t mention Humphrey but I suppose he was there.  I am getting on quite alright.  The Colonel has been behaving himself very nicely, I am glad to say.  In this comparative comfort existance is not so bad, but I feel a brute when our fellows are having such a rotten time in the trenches – but I suppose this won’t last very long.


Please forgive this short note but I must get one off by this post to thank you for what you have sent.


Au revoir,darling.

With love and kisses



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