Fred Hammond letter 14 Nov 1916

14 Nov 1916

Dear M & P

I received your letter the other day.  Glad to hear everything is going on OK.  We are still gogging along here nicely.  Went to see the cinema show the other night & raised a smile.  We have now started a football club.  Had a game the other night and for two days I thought I had been filleted.  Uncle is getting quite philanthropic in his old age.  Hope Gladys takes every advantage of it.  Had a letter from Gladys Grimshaw I suppose she fairly told the tale of the Zeps.  Suppose Mar is back in old No 9 again waiting for the clear steps up the passage at night.  Well I think with a bit of luck it won’t be very much longer.  Some of our boys have already got their two years service stripe on their tunics it makes one feel that I am also getting an old soldier.  Still it seems rather a bye gone affair Kitchener’s inspection on Laffan Plan.  It’s rather a pity he is not with us to enjoy the fruits of his labour.  C’est la Guerre.

Well cheerho for present


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