22nd October, 1916.

Reference Map 57D.



In the event of active operations on a large scale on the front at present held by the 3rd Division the following medical arrangements will come into force.


  1. Collecting Posts will be established by Bearer Subdivisions of Field Ambulances in OBSERVATION WOOD (K.28.b.3.3.) and in FLAG AVENUE (K.34.c.3.8.) and through these points casualties will be evacuated by means of the existing trolley lines to the Advanced Dressing Station near EUSTON DUMP about K.33.a.3.1.       Thence by ambulance cars to Advanced Dressing Station COLINCAMPS (K.25.c.2.7.) and then to 3rd Division Main Dressing Station at FORCEVILLE (P.21.C.8.7.).
  2. Wounded able to walk will be directed from left via OBSERVATION WOOD down CENTRAL AVENUE, and on right from FLAG AVENUE via SACKVILLE STREET and NEWGATE STREET, to EUSTON Advanced Dressing Station.       Thence they will walk by marked track to 3rd Division Collecting Post for Walking Wounded at J.29.c.8.2. on COURCELLES – BERTRANCOURT Road.
  3. As the action progresses Field Ambulance Bearer Divisions will advance and form New Collecting Posts under orders of Officers Commanding Bearer Divisions who will make every endeavour to keep touch with Regimental Medical Establishments and continue to evacuate casualties received by them. R.A.M.C. Officers in medical charge of units will notify nearest O.C. Bearer Division the position of their Regimental Aid Posts from time to time.
  4. Reserves of stretchers, water and dressings have been formed in OBSERVATION WOOD and FLAG AVENUE which may be drawn upon by units when necessary.
  5. All messages for assistance from units during the action will be sent to O.C. Advanced Dressing Station, EUSTON.       These should be in writing and state time when sent and exact location and approximate numbers of casualties awaiting evacuation should be stated.


  1. Ensor


A.D.M.S. 3rd Division

Copies to all Brigades and Units.

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