Medical Arrangements 22 Oct 1916




N 222

O.C. 7, 8, 142 Fd. Amb.




  1. Medical Arrangements 3rd Div together with Appendix (2) and supply of blank pro forma for use in the event of numbers of other divisions being admitted.


  1. Short Scheme (2 copies) of Medical Arrangements issued to units etc.


Please acknowledge.


H.Q. 3rd Div.


Unreadable Capt.

D.A.D.M.S. for

A.D.M.S. 3rd Div



3rd Division Medical Arrangements for Active

Operations on a large scale.

Reference Map 57 D.


  1. Medical arrangements, 3rd Division, issued October 13th 1916 are cancelled, and the following substituted.
  2. Collecting Posts etc.

Collecting Posts for wounded have been established in Dug-Outs in OBSERVATION WOOD and FLAG AVENUE.  To these places, during active operations, stretcher cases will be carried and evacuated by means of the existing Trolley Lines to the Advanced Dressing Station near EUSTON DUMP (K.33.a.3.1.).  From this place they will be taken by Motor Ambulance Cars of the 3rd Division to the Dressing Station of No 8 Field Ambulance at FORCEVILLE via COLINCAMPS – COURCELLES – BERTRANCOURT.

No. 8 Field Ambulance will form the Main Dressing Station of the 3rd Division, and to it all wounded will be sent until orders to the contrary are received from D.D.M.S. V Corps, when they will be diverted to the Dressing Stations of Nos 7 and 142 Field Amblce at LOUVENCOURT and BUS-LES-ARTOIS.

Dumps of Stretchers, Medical Stores, Tins of Water, etc., have been formed at OBSERVATION WOOD and the place where the Southern Trolley Line meets SACKVILLE STREET Trench.

Each of these Dumps contain 100 Stretchers and 50 additional Stretchers will be kept in reserve at EUSTON Advanced Dressing Station and 20 in the Advanced Dressing Station at COLINCAMPS.

At the beginning of the action, two Bearer Sub-Divisions of No. 142 Field Ambulance will be posted as follows:-

One Bearer Sub-Division at OBSERVATION WOOD.

“          “                      FLAG AVENUE.

After the enemy’s front and support lines have been carried, these Bearer Sub-Divisions will advance to our original front line in the neighbourhood of MARK COPSE & to where BLENEAU Trench enters ROB ROY Trench respectively, and form Bearer Collecting Posts in selected Dug-Outs vacated by Regimental Medical Establishments.  The third Bearer Sub-Division of No. 142 Field Ambulance will march from EUSTON at Zero hour to form a Collecting Post near MATHEW WOOD.

From these places the Bearer Sub-Divisions will collect wounded, take them to OBSERVATION WOOD and SACKVILLE STREET Trench for evacuation by the Trolley Lines, and Officers Commanding will make every endeavour to keep in touch with the Regimental Aid Posts.

Later the Bearer Sub-Divisions of No. 142 Field Ambulance will advance into the enemy’s front and support line and form Collecting Posts there.

The positions evacuated by them in our original front line will be occupied by Bearer Sub-Divisions of No. 8 Field Ambulance which will take over cases brought to them by Bearers of No.142 Field Ambulance, and carry them to the Trolley Lines.

Officers Commanding Bearer Sub-Divisions will use their own initiative as to when they are to advance, but it must be distinctly understood that the advancing Infantry must be followed up, and touch established with Regimental Aid Posts.

An important objective of the R.A.M.C. of the 3rd Division will be the ultimate establishment of an Advanced Dressing Station in SERRE.


  1. Divisional Walking Wounded Collecting Station.

This will be established in Shelters and Tents on the COURCELLES-BERTRANCOURT Road at J.29.c.8.2. by a Tent Sub-Division of No.8 Field Ambulance supplemented by the R.A.M.C. Officers from the 3rd Divisional Train and Divisional Ammunition Column.

All walking wounded (i.e. slight cases) will be directed to this place from the Collecting Posts at OBSERVATION WOOD and FLAG AVENUE via CENTRAL AVENUE and SACKVILLE STREET Trench and NEWGATE Street.

The route to be followed by walking wounded will be indicated by directing flags.

On arrival at the Collecting Station the wounded will be dressed, fed, have their “particulars” taken, anti-tetanic serum injected, and be finally evacuated to a Casualty Clearing Station near WARLINCOURT (C6) by a Motor Ambulance Convoy detailed for the purpose by D.D.M.S. V. Corps.

The three horsed Ambulance Wagons of No. 8 Field Ambulance will be employed in meeting these men in the EUSTON-COLINCAMPS Road and bringing them into the Collecting Station.

O.C. No. 8 Field Ambulance will arrange for spare teams to be available for these Ambulance Wagons.

Shell Shock Cases.

No cases of alleged Shell Shock will, unless they are suffering from organic lesions or physical symptoms of concussion, be sent to the Casualty Clearing Station near WARLINCOURT.

If, in the opinion of O.C. Divisional Walking Wounded Collecting Station, they are fit for duty they will be handed over to the Military Police for return to their units. If the cases are slight but are genuine cases of Shell Shock they will be sent to No. 142 Field Ambulance at BUS-LES-ARTOIS.

The A.P.M. 3rd Division will arrange for Military Police to be stationed at the Divisional Walking Wounded Collecting Station.


  1. Motor Ambulance Cars.

The Motor Ambulance Cars of the Divisional Field Ambulances, with the exception of one Ford Car of each Field Ambulance, will be formed into a Convoy at FORCEVILLE and will come under the orders of an Officer to be detailed by O.C. No. 8 Field Ambulance. This Officer will arrange details with regard to the rationing and reliefs of Drivers etc.

Three Ford Cars will be detailed for duty at the Advanced Dressing Station at COLINCAMPS and as far as may be possible 2 large Cars should always be available at this place for the evacuation of wounded from EUSTON DUMP and Advance Dressing Station.

The Officer detailed by O.C. No. 8 Field Ambulance will also arrange to form a “Cab Rank” of seven large Motor Ambulance Cars on the line of evacuation between BERTRANCOURT and FORCEVILLE at P.9.c.3.6.

As a loaded car passes the “Cab Rank” the leading car in the rank will proceed to the Advanced Dressing Station at COLINCAMPS for instructions.

Empty Cars returning from No. 8 Field Ambulance Dressing Station at FORCEVILLE will return to the “Cab Rank” by the same road.

The Motor Ambulance Workshop Unit is stationed at BUS-LES-ARTOIS and the O.C. will arrange for the repair of broken down cars, and the salving of those damaged by shell fire.


  1. The Horsed Ambulance Wagons of No. 7 Field Ambulance will be parked with those of No. 142 Field Ambulance at BUS-LES-ARTIOS and kept in readiness for use.

Officers Commanding No. 7 and 142 Field Ambulances will arrange for spare teams for these wagons to be available.


  1. Cases of penetrating wounds of head, chest, and abdomen, likely to be benefited by immediate operation, are to be sent to the Special Hospital at AUTHIE (I.16.a.). See para 2 of attached Appendix.


  1. During active operations on a large scale the A.D.M.S. or D.A.D.M.S. will be at the Advanced Dressing Station at EUSTON, and Officers Commanding Bearer Sub-Divisions will inform him from time to time by means of men employed in taking wounded in Trolleys to EUSTON DUMP of the progress of the action and of the approximate number of wounded awaiting removal.

All messages, however, even if intended for A.D.M.S. are to be addressed to O.C. EUSTON Advanced Dressing Station.

  1. Ensor


A.D.M.S. 3rd Division

22nd October 1916

Copies to: – D.D.M.S. V. Corps; 3rd Division G & Q, O.C. 7th Fd. Amb; O.C. 8th Fd Amb; O.C. 142 Fd Amb; Office.

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