19th Oct                            French began 4 day barrage against Fort Douamont

24th Oct                              French take Fort Douamont


The Somme

1st Oct                                 Battle of Ancre Heights began

7th Oct                                British secure Le Sars

28th Oct                              German air ace Oswald Boelcke killed in action

October                           Heavy rain and the onset of winter


The Eastern Front

October                            Political unrest in Russia


The Balkans

10th Oct                               Allies seize Greek naval warships

7th to 9th Oct                   Romania attacked Austria/Germany forces and were forced to retreat

14th Oct                              Romanian 1st Army had assistance by civilian population in the Jiu Valley

25th Oct                               Romanian was forced back to original position prior to the engagement

29th Oct                               Germans regroup in readiness for further advancement

14th Oct                               Ecaterina Teodoroiu joins the Romanian civilian and reserve troops

30th Oct                               Nurse Ecaterina Teodoroiu goes to the Romanian front-line


The Caucasus and Middle East Campaign

29th Oct                               Sheriff of Mecca proclaimed King of Arabs




Other Fronts

1st Oct                                Zeppelin heaviest bomb raid on London

6th Oct                                 Germany allows unrestricted submarine attacks

8th Oct                                 German air force established

10th to 12th Oct               Eighth Battle of Isonzo

31st Oct                             Ninth Battle of Isonzo

Oct                                     Germans deport Belgian workers to Germany




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