Pte. A.A. Smith Letter 13 July 1916

Canadian Y.M.C.A headed notepaper


Pte. A.A. Smith

No 27521

Reply to Essex Regt

15th I.B.D A.P.O (817)

B.E.F. France


July 13th 1916


Dear Father


I have not very much news to tell you but I thought I would write you a short note in case you did not receive my first letter.

We do not get very much news here as it is a job to get a paper so I expect you know more about the war than we do although we are much nearer.

We are alright for cigarettes here 4 packets given out per week. I think it is rather too far to send parcels at present & I don’t think we shall be staying here very long.

Well I think I must conclude now Father. Hoping you are all in the best of health.


With much love from

From your devoted




P.S. Many thanks for your letter I was very pleased to hear from you also for parcel I shall appreciate it very much if you have sent it. If we leave here I would get it alright as it would be sent on to me; but if you have not packed it up yet I think I should leave it until you hear from me again.

Remember me to Darvills & Miss Dimond. Glad they are all well. I will write to them first opportunity I get.

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