Pte. A A. Smith letter 8 July 1916

Canadian Y.M.C.A headed notepaper


Pte. A A. Smith

No 27521

Reply to Essex Regt

15th I.B.D  A.P.O 817

B.E.F. France


July 8th 1916


Dear Father


You can see by the above address where I am stationed now; it is a bit further than Dovercourt now, too far to come home for a week-end but I must put up with it for a bit.

I cannot tell you very much news. We had a good crossing & the train ride was very interesting.

The food is very good here much better than Dovercourt. I don’t know much about the drills yet but I don’t think we have to work so many hours.  The ground is all sand it is very tiring for marching.

We are not allowed out of the camp but there are several recreation huts &c so we can pass the time away alright when we have finished duty.

I think this is all I can tell you now. Glad to say I am quite well & hope you are all enjoying good health.


With much love to Jess, Ethel & yourself

Your devoted




P.S. I shall be pleased to receive a letter from you when you have time to write.


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