8th Divisional Artillery Instructions 4 July 1916


SECRET                                                                                                         Copy No


8th Divisional Artillery Instructions


  1. The 8th Divisional Artillery will move South of Rives SOMME on 5th July.

Advance Sections will move to-day 4th inst,

Remainder of Batteries will be withdrawn tonight to BEHENCOURT –    FRENCHENCOURT AREA, and will march to billets SOUTH of SOMME     on 5th instant.

Units will march as in Appendix A to be issued later.

Orders for move of Advance Sections today will be sent direct, brigades being      notified.


  1. Billeting areas and Commanders of them are shewn in Appendix B attached.


  1. Divisional Artillery Headquarters will be at CAVILLON.




C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Bde Major 8th Divisional Arty.


Copies of these instructions have been sent to Advance Sections.









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