18th DIVISION ORDER NO 21. July 4th 1916

SECRET                                                                                                         Copy No 7




July 4th 1916

Reference 1/20,000



  1. In future the front of the 18th Division will be held by two Brigades only.


  1. 53rd Infantry Brigade will relieve the 55th Infantry Brigade tonight on the front S.27.a.70 to the junction of MONTAUBAN ALLEY and CATERPILLAR TRENCH (Exclusive).


  1. On relief the 55th Infantry Brigade will withdraw to RAIL AVENUE and BRONFAY FARM.


  1. 54th Infantry Brigade will take over from the 53rd Infantry Brigade that portion of the Divisional front lying between the junction of MONTAUBAN ALLEY and CATERPILLAR TRENCH (inclusive) and the present right of the 54th Brigade.


  1. The 54th Infantry Brigade will also relieve two companies 53rd Infantry Brigade in CATERPILLAR WOOD.


  1. The Dividing Line between 53rd and 54th Infantry Brigades will be CATERPILLAR TRENCH (to 54th ) – a line drawn East of the LOOP to the junction of BUND and MINE SUPPORT trenches and thence to LOTHIAN STREET.


  1. Details of reliefs will be arranged between Brigadier Generals concerned.


  1. Communication trenches to CATERPILLAR WOOD will be completed as follows EAST TRENCH by 53rd Infantry Brigade.

CATERPILLAR TRENCH by 54th Infantry Brigade.

    1. Bryant


Senior General Staff Officer, 18th Division

Issued at 8/30 pm.

Copy No:-

1                  A.D.C. for G.O.C.                        16                Signals

2/3               ”G”                                    17                Pioneer Battalion

4/5                ”Q”                                    18                War Diary

6                  A.D.M.S.                           19                XIII Corps

7                  C.R.A.                                20               7th Division

8/9/10/11    R.F.A. Brigades.                 21               9th Division

12               C.R.E.                                 22               30th Division

13               53rd Inf Bde.                       23 3rd Division

14               54th Inf Bde.                       24 No 9 Sqn. R.F.C.

15               55th Inf Bde.


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