8 D.A. Movement Order 3 July 1916

Table A

Date    To be relieved                         Relieved by                 From                To                                Remarks



3/4       33rd Bty (1Sect)                       A/63 (1 Sect)               W.24.c.6.4.      Henencourt Wood      Via GARDINERS POST – MAIN ALBERT


36th   do    do                         B/63       do                 W.24.c.3.7.                  do                                Ditto

32nd   do     do                         C/63       do                 W.18.c.0.2.                  do                    POND BRIDGE – No 2 EMERGENCY RD       D         “O”   do     do                         A/62       do                 W.18.c.2.1.                  do                                    Ditto

55th   do     do                          D/63       do                 W.17.d.5.2.                 do                                Ditto

D/5   do     do                          D/62       do                 W.24.a.3.7.                  do                    As for 33rd Battery

“Z”   do     do                          B/62       do                 W.12.c.3.2.                  do                    As for 32nd Battery

1st     do     do                          C/65       do                 W.11.b.6.1.     BRESLE                     As for 32nd Battery thence via LAVIEVILLE.

3rd     do     do                          B/65       do                 W.11.b.7.4.                 do                                Ditto

57th   do     do                          D/65       do                 W.5.d.8.4.                   do                                Ditto


Night   Reliefs will be completed.

4/5.      “O” Bty (2 Sects)                    A/62 (1 Sect)

C/62      do

“Z” do        do                         B/62      do

C/62      do

1st   do        do                         C/65      do

A/65      do

3rd   do        do                         B/65      do

A/65      do

5th   do                                    Not relieved                W.6.c.3.9.                    Billets              BEHENCOURT – FRECHENCOURT                                                                                                                                                                District.

D.A.C “A” Echelon                12th D.A.C.                 MILLENCOURT       do                              Ditto

“       “B”     do                           do                         HENENCOURT WD   do                             Ditto                C.R. Gover Major R.A.

3.7.16                                                                                                                                                                                      Brigade Major 8th Div Arty.


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