A.B. 253 28 June 1916

A.B. 253


Right )

Centre) Group

Left   )



  1. “Zero” will be postponed by 48 hours 29th will thus become “Y1”day 30th will thus become “Y2” day 1st July will thus become “Z” day.
  2. Special attention must be paid to the following:-
    1. To prevent all hostile movements and work both day and night. The night bombardment must be fully maintained.
    2. To complete wire cutting.
    3. To deceive the enemy by continuing to carry out concentrated bombardments and night raids, the latter to be arranged between Inf Brigade and Group Commanders and to be assisted by Artillery fire. The concentrated bombardments will take place:- Y1 day 4.0 to 5.20 p.m. Y2 day 8.0 to 9.20 a.m. and will be carried out by XIII Corps H.A. Should Smoke be discharged at the conclusion of the Concentrated Bombardments the instructions laid down in Operation Order No 1 Appendix A para 14 will be carried out.
  1. Programme for ”Z” day will be as originally arranged.



Brig Gen

28th June 16                                                                                        C.R.A. 18th Div


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