H.Q. R.A., 18/Div. 25 June 1916

To,                                                                                                                   AB240/30

48th Siege Battery R.G.A.

XIII Corps H.A. (for information)


With reference to XIII Corps H.A. Operation Order No 3 dated 21/6/16 and amendment:-


(1) From 1.00 on zero day the section of 49th Siege Battery (under orders of 18th Divisional Artillery) will be allotted the following tasks.


(2) From 1.00 to 2.00.

Junction of trenches at S.26.c.4.4., and new german trench running through S.26.c. and S.25.a..

Steady rate of fire.


(3) From 2.00 to 2.30 25. Western houses of MONTAUBAN in S.27.c..

Steady rate of fire.


(4) From  2.30 25 MARLBRO WOOD and trench from this wood to CATTERPILLAR WOOD.

Bursts of fire at irregular intervals.


  • Whilst employed on the above tasks the section should hold itself in readiness to be turned on any special objective which circumstances may require.


  • The targets indicated above should be registered by ”Z” day.


  • From zero time of ”Z” day the 49th Siege Battery will provide an orderly to remain at 18th Divisional Artillery Headquarters until further notice.




Unreadable signature

Lt. R.A.

Captain R.A.

Brigade Major. R.A. 18th Division.

H.Q. R.A., 18/Div.

25th June 1916

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