Copy No.

XIII Corps

132/27 (G)





Reference Plan of Operations Part I, para 4 the following is a summary of the action which it is intended shall be taken by the Artillery during the First and Second Phases.

  1. the batteries mentioned below, in prepared positions North of the PERONNE Road, will not open fire until:-

18th Divisional Arty.               30th Divisional Arty.

A/51}                                      A/52}  0 -65 29th June

C/53} 0 -15                             B/52}   If possible, will do

C/51} 29th June                      A/53}   a little registration

D/51}                                      B/53}   on the afternoon of

B/51}   28th June.


  1. As soon as circumstances permit, if possible immediately the green line has been captured, and at least during the night following the capture of that line, the following batteries will be moved forward North of the PERONNE Road:-


18th Divisional Arty.               30th Divisional Arty.

(B/82                                      A/150)   After capture of

Left Group   (A/85                                      C/150)


In addition, 151st F.A. Bde

will be in readiness for forward support if

(A/83                                                required.

Centre Group (B/85



Right Group   (C/84

In addition, 50th F.A.  Bde will be in readiness to reinforce 18th Divisional Artillery.


The tasks of the batteries mentioned in paras 1 and 2 above are as follows:-

  • The defence of the green line.
  • To assist with their fire the advance of the XV Corps to the brown line by bringing fire to bear on the German second line and on ground between it and the CATERPILLAR WOOD Stream (Plan of Operations, Part I, para 4 (d))



  1. The following artillery will be moved up in close support of our front line as soon as possible after the capture of the green line; the function of these guns is the close defence of our new line especially of the MONTAUBAN salient.


18th Divisional Arty.                                  30th Divisional Arty.

2-18pdr} atF.17.b.2.2.                       C/148} Enfilade Eastern

guns of } and at                                 B/148} of MONTAUBAN

C/51     }  F.12.c.7.3

to move to position in                         A/52}  Enfilade Western edge

vicinity of A.2.c. to                            B/52}  of BERNAFAY WOOD

enfilade N.W. face of                                     A/53}  and barrage South edge

MONTAUBAN. These                                Wood.

Guns will advance after


has been taken.


These guns will not open fire except in case of actual attack or at an exceptionally favourable target, such as limbered up hostile artillery attempting to escape, (Plan of Operations Part I para 4.(c).)


  1. The 30th Division will make arrangements to enfilade with artillery fire the Eastern face of MONTAUBAN and barrage the Southern edge of BERNAFAY WOOD; the 18th Division to enfilade the N.W. face of MONTAUBAN.

Both Divisions will aim at bringing as effective a fire as possible to bear on the BERNAFAY WOOD – CRATER – PILLAR WOOD Valley.

These tasks will not necessarily be carried out by the guns advanced as in 3 above, but in whatever way Divisional Commanders consider most effective.


  1. The following batteries of the Corps Artillery will be moved forward as stated below as soon as circumstances permit after the capture of the green line (Plan of Operations, Part I, para. 4. (e).)
  • Counter Battery Batteries.


31st Heavy Battery 60 prs to A.26.a.4.5.) probably

124th Heavy Battery to 60A.26.a.9.7.)      night of


D/50 4.5” Howitzers to A.9.c.2.5.)               probably

12th Heavy Battery 60 prs to A.14.d.85.90.)  night of

115th Heavy Battery 60 prs to A.14.b.60.)     30/1


  • Siege Batteries.


12th Siege Battery 9.2” 1 Secn to A.19.d.1.1.)  probably

15th Siege Battery 6” 1Battery to A.25.b.20.45) night

66th Siege Battery 9.2” 1 Secn to A.21.b.60.58.)  of

6th Siege Battery 6” 1 Battery to A.21.b.95.76.)   29/30



Sd W.H. Greenly

B.G., G.S.

XIII Corps

25th June 1916


Copies to:-

No 1 French XX Corps

2 XV Corps

3) G.O.C., R.A.


5 9th Division

6 18th Division

7 30th Division

8 No 9 Squadron R.F.C.

9 Corps Commander

10 B.G., G.S.

11) ”G”



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