8th D.A. No 0/57. 23 June 1916

SECRET.                                                                                             8th D.A. No 0/57.


8th Divisional Artillery Instructions

for forthcoming Operations, dated 22nd June.



  1. Para 10. add

Should a re-bombardment be required, it will in every case last for 30         minutes, the last five minutes to be intense.


  1. Appendix “A” para 1.25 to 2.15.

The barrage will move back slowly from ORANGE so as to be        established on LIGHT BLUE at 2.0


On the extreme left the lift from ORANGE will be directed on to   CRIMSON, LT BLUE between the points R.34.c.9.8. to R.34.a.0.9. at 1.25.


  1. Appendix “E” is amended as follows:-
  1. If the wind permits, smoke will be discharged on “W”, “X”, and “Y” days.
  2. It will be discharged along the lines at the following times:-

“W” day 10.10 a.m. to 10.20. a.m.

“X” day 5.40 a.m. to 5.50 a.m.

“Y” day 7.10 a.m. to 7.20 a.m.



C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade Major 8th Divnl. Artillery.



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