WAR DIARY Of Headquarters 55th W. Lancs Divisional Artillery April 1916

WAR DIARY Of Headquarters 55th W. Lancs Divisional Artillery


From 1st April 1916 to 30th April 1916


April 1st 8.30 a.m.   8th Lancs How Bty fired on active hostile battery X.10.c.60.24 getting direct hits on 3 emplacements – 2 explosions – aeroplane observation.  10th & 11th Lancs Batteries Kept fired salvoes of shrapnel during the night to prevent removal of guns.

3 p.m.        Centre Group carried out bombardment in accordance with attached – result not very satisfactory – barrier was not completely breached.                                                                                       Appendix I

2nd       1.30 p.m.      WAILLY was heavily shelled –

3 p.m.         6 H.A.G. – 6” Hows – 8” How – 9.2” Hows 2 4.7 batteries – 1 60 pr battery-

D.A. – 5 18 pr batteries – and – 2 4.5 How Batteries retaliated on FICHEUX.

6 p.m.         18 prs again fired on FICHEUX for further shelling of WAILLY – results satisfactory –

3rd         3 p.m.         Bombardment in accordance with Appendix II – Result most satisfactory – the 9.2” How levelled the house to the ground.  The enemy retaliated at 4 p.m. on BRETENCOURT – in reply to this 6th H.A.G. 2 4.7 batteries 1 60 pr battery, 2 8″ Hows, 1 9.2” How with French heavy guns responded on HENDECOURT

5.45 p.m.     55 D.A. 3 4.5 How batteries – 2 18 pr batteries responded on HENDECOURT.

There was some further retaliation to which 2 4.5” How batteries made instant reply.             Appendix II

3/4th     After dark    Relief of 68th by A/123rd and 88th by D/124th Batteries in accordance with Order No 15 as amended by Order No 18.     Appendix III.

4/5th     After dark    Section 12th Lancs Bty from Right to Left Group to form 6 gun bty with A/123rd.                         Appendix IV

5th        11 a.m.        Relief of 14th Bde H.Q. and B.A.C. by Section 123rd B.A.C. completed –

6th        6 p.m.         For 4.2” How fire on F Sector. R/4 W.L. and 7th Lancs How Bty replied on German front line opposite trenches 184 -194.

8th         2 p.m.          BELLACOURT heavily shelled – 60 4.2” How fired into 7th Lancs Bty position

3.15 p.m.     Chastisement on BOIRY.  3.15 p.m. with 7 4.5” Hows 8 – 4.7” guns 4 120 mm French – This concluded hostile activity

9th       12.10 p.m.    BEAUMETZ heavily shelled – about 120 7.7, 10.5 and 15.0 cm shells.  Casualties besides 2horses and some cows killed 2 men slightly wounded.

9th           3 p.m.       Chastisement of BOIRY as on the previous afternoon.  This concluded the day’s activity.

12th         4 p.m.       Bombardment in accordance with Appendix 5.  Result as far as could be observed satisfactory – Raining – but 9.2 Hows obtained direct hits.                                                                                      Appendix V

13th         9.55 p.m.   Hostile aeroplane dropped 2 bombs outside BEAUMETZ and one near BASSEUX.

17th         4 p.m.        Wire cutting at X.3.b.5.8 ½ by Section 3rd Lancs Bty from R.32.a.2.9 – Guns shot well but the wire was not completely cut – it was at least 30 x in depth.  On conclusion the section was withdrawn just in time to avoid retaliation of 5.9”’s at 5.15 p.m. and returned to its battery after dark.                     Appendix VI

18th         2a.m.         18 prs centre group and Howitzers cooperated in a successful raid on enemy front line R.34.b. by 8th L’pool (Irish).  Fire was well directed and helped to make the operation successful.

19th         3 p.m.        Retaliation on FICHEUX for shelling WAILLY – H.A.G. fired 71 rds in 3 minutes and 5 18 pr batteries and 2 Howitzer Batteries cooperated.


20-21st                      Reliefs in accordance with Operation Order No 21.                                                              Appendix VII

24th                          5.45 hostile aeroplane dropped a bomb on 7th Bty wagon lines near MONCHIET killing 3 horses – 10 others had to be destroyed owing to injuries – No men injured –

3 p.m.         8” How fired in accordance with G.O. 24 – getting 5 rds into the sap – 3 rds into German wire – 2 rds into our own wire (not unexpected) and 4 blinds.  The result most satisfactory – infantry much pleased.                                                                                                                                               Appendix VIII

5 p.m.         Wire cutting in accordance with Order 22.                                                                   Appendix IX

26th       5.15 a.m.     Aircraft dropped 2 bombs near BELLACOURT H.A.G. retaliated 6 a.m.

27th       6-73 a.m.    A & B/125th heavily shelled by 5.9” How – no casualties to personnel – 1 gun A/125 dial sight (No 7) and shield damaged – (out of action) – Ranging by aeroplane –

3 p.m.        6” How on saps opposite F Sector.

Hostile aeroplanes very active and observation balloons watching and observing fire.

30th         6 a.m.       166th Inf – took over extra front in accordance with Appendix X.

Orders received for artillery to cover this line from May 6th.

Period 24-27th marked by hostile counter battery activity – observation balloons up in all directions and aircraft observing.  No batteries were knocked out and only one gun (mentioned above) damaged – 14th Bty preparing a new position.

  1. Bueson


B.M. 55 D.A.

1st May 1916

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