18 Div. Arty. No of Batteries required for Wire Cutting

No of Batteries required for Wire Cutting

and Distribution of Reserve Artillery.





  1. The wire to be cut amounts approximately to :-       Along front line 2300 yds.       Along rear lines 7000 yds.       total 9300 yds.


  1. The Medium Trench Mortars will assist in cutting the wire on the front line, thus reducing the number of rounds of 18-Pdr ammunition required for this purpose. On the other hand owing to distance and difficulty in observation a liberal allowance should be allowed for wire on rear lines.


  1. Assuming the bombardment to last 3 days 3100 yds require cutting daily. The following shows approximately number of yards per battery, per gun, and number of rounds per gun per day assuming that 12 batteries, 15 batteries or 18 batteries are available:-

12 batteries = 260 yds per battery = 65 yds per gun = 520 rds per gun p. day 15 batteries = 200 yds per battery = 50 yds per gun, = 400 rds per gun p.day.

18 batteries = 170 yds per battery = 42 yds per gun = 336 rds per gun p.day.

(N.B. allowing for 8 rds per yard of wire.)


  1. It would therefore be advisable to reinforce the 12 wire cutting batteries by at least 3 (possibly 4) batteries from Reserve Div. Art. – This would leave 2 or 3 batteries for posting in forward positions.


  1. It is suggested to reinforce each Group with one extra wire cutting position. Suitable positions being at F.23.c.5.5.; F.23.d.8.3.; and A.20.d.35.99 (or A.21.a.2.3).


  1. Forward batteries would be placed one in OXFORD COPSE, one split up with 2 guns in MARICOURT, one gun F.18.b.4.4. and one gun A.F.17.b.8.3; the third battery being sited in valley running just South of CARNOY.


  1. Sites for 4.5” How Batteries are available F.29.a.6.7; A.25.b.2.4., and OXFORD COPSE or behind CARNOY.


  1. In addition to above one extra site is required for battery of Right Group, probably in corner of BILLON WOOD about A.20.c.1.4. Arranged.

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