Hammond family letter 6 Apr 1916

33 Steeple St
Dear Ted & Mary & Gladys
I was pleased to receive your letter, and to know that the dear lads were alright. I hope you are all well and free from cold. I have got through nicely considering the weather has been so rough it has been fierce here up to a week ago. I thought of you. They have had the same London way.
I had a letter from M.A. saying now the weather was a bit better they were terrified with the Zepps. When one has been sighted they are all made aware, and everybody gets ready and dare not go to bed until they have cleared off. She says it was 3.30 on Saturday morning and 3.30 on Monday morning before they got the news that they were cleared, so that they could go to bed. She could hear the noise of the bombs and the people that were out could see the shrapnel flying. From what I hear and according to the papers we may expect something desperate the middle of this month. Anyway I believe the Germans are already beaten whether the war be long or short. I had a letter from Will. He says they are all well except himself, coming from night school when it was so rough the beginning of last week he caught a chill, and so had to lie up for a few days. He speaks strongly about the slackers. He thinks it a shame that men should go and sacrifice everything and so many shirking about doing nothing.
He says he has a letter from George also his photograph in his officer’s uniform. Fred Cotterell is afraid he may have to go, he can’t very well get exemption with the mill being closed down, twill mean a great difference in his income.
Please give my love to all the dear boys. I am very sorry to say Willis is thinking of going. I thought we were going to keep him on this side. Now tis quite bedtime. Good night and God bless you all.
My love to all
I received the note alright with thanks.


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