George Hammond letter 6 Apr 1916

2/7 Bn Manchester Regt

Sobaron Barracks



Dear Mother

I am sorry I was unable to write on Sunday but we had been on a weeks special training and consequently I have not had much time for writing.  Last week we were out for 4 nights looking for the Zepps. I saw one bomb drop, it lit the whole place up.  However it did no damage.  Now as regards leave, I am forbidden to go on leave to Stockport or the surrounding district as there is an epidemic of measles, I am going to proceed to Knebworth for a day.  Then go to Southport for a day and then return, my idea is that if I only have 3 days leave I shall be able to get more when the epidemic is over and then I can go home for perhaps 3 days.  I am not at all sure I shall get leave as we are on special training again next week.  However I think it is the last thing I can do as the longer I delay my leave the longer it will be before I get any more.

Colchester is a most interesting place as the Roman’s left a number of relics behind.  These have been placed in the castle and can be viewed there.  You know, Mother dear, I am most disappointed at not being able to come home.  I had purposely left my application until Easter so I could see Will at home.  However it can’t be helped.

I am only writing this short note now as I am due on parade in a few minutes.  I will write on Sunday.


Fondest love to all



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