Report on WIRE 3 Apr 1916


Stamp of 82nd Brigade

Royal Field Artillery


Report on WIRE

Front Line


A to C}

D to F  }          Wire old but in good repair, on posts mixed with knife rests

H to K}

L to M}

C to D            Same kind as above but indifferent in quality and quantity.

At J Posts on long (5 or 6 ft) & sloping outwards.


From PERONNE AV (RCF.17.c).

A to H             Visible, 4 thin strips of wire only.

A’ to B’           Visible.

C’ to D’           Visible.

O to P              Visible old & scattered.

R to S              Visible old, both sides of trench.

S to T              Visible old but good.

U to V             Strong line of wire.

Q to G                          do

Y to Z             on bank of sunken road.

East of Z very strong line.

Second line wire behind B.E.F. visible but not just at B.


From ANNEXE B (F.17.D.88) and O.P. 104th & 105th batteries (F.18.C.54)

A somewhat closer view to the above is obtained but the valley running up from G.H toward MONTAUBAN is obscured and very little wire between 1st & 2nd line of trenches can be seen as it is obscured by the parapet of the front trench.


From O.P. A/151 (A.13.D.11)


I to K              Visible


From O.P. D/148 (A.14.D.72)


L to M             Visible

L’ to M’          Wire old but good

W to X                        Strong line now being made with new wood posts


From our Front line trenches.

The wire of the German front line trench can be observed except at G.H.

From I to K a particularly good view is obtained from an old snipers post shewn on map.


  1. Thorp Lt. Col. R.A.

Cmd Left Group.



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