WAR DIARY Headquarters 55th Divisional Artillery 1st March 1916 – To 31st March 1916






Headquarters 55th Divisional Artillery


From 1st March 1916 – To 31st March 1916



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


March 1st – 3rd             Moves in accordance with Operation Order s 7 & 8 and relief of 2nd N Midland F.A. Bde completed by 14th Bde R.F.A. (68th and 88th Batteries) from 4th Division.

4th         4 pm               Bombardment of BLOCK HOUSE 2b.

5/6th                             Moves in accordance with Operation Order No 9.  B/85th Bty moving to cover Left Sector and 4th N Midland How F.A. Bde marching to FREVENT to rejoin 46th Division.

6/7th                             Section 12th Lancs Bty to forward position at R.31.c.3.2. to enfilade.  Operation Order No 10

8/9th                             Section 9th Lancs Bty to forward position R.21.c.8.0.

8th                                Moves to B.A.C.s at SOMBRIN.

11th                              Bombardment of BLAIRVELLE Wood – considerable damage done and result reported most satisfactory by R.F.C.

15th                              9th and 8th Lancs Batteries placed at disposal of 6th H.A.G. for counter battery work and linked direct with O.C. 39th Heavy Bde R.G.A. at BEAUMETZ.

15th                              Arrangements made for use of code word “CUBE” to bring enfilade sections into action on adjoining fronts.

16th     11.45 am         Bombardment of N.W. Corner of BLAIRVILLE – operation order no 13.

17th       9 pm              Section 9th Lancs Bty to forward position at WAILY R.22.d.17 to enfilade.

17th     10 pm              R Battery/ 4th Lancs F.A. Bde (Howitzers) *** B Battery 85th F.A. Bde vacated position occupied by sections at R.9.a.9.3 and concentrated at R.9.b.5.5.

21st                              Instructions for relief of 14th Bde by batteries from 37th Div received.

25th                              Bombardment of LES TROIS MAISONS (X.2.b.7.3. – X2.b.9.1.1 ½).  In accordance with Operation Order No 14.  effect obtained was good.  The enemy parapet was breached at several points.  Possibly better effect would have been obtained by making the bombardment more deliberate and leaving batteries to carry out their task singly by time table instead of simultaneously.

27th   11.45 am            Orders for relief of 14th Bde issued.

28th   10 am                 Orders for relief of 14th Bde postponed owing to unfavourable weather.

30th   7 am                  Bombardment of House X.3.d.8.9. in BLAIRVILLE.  Results most disappointing probably due to bad light in early morning which made observation very difficult.  8” probably obtained a direct hit.  Otherwise little damage visible.  G.O.C. 55th Division decided to repeat at an early date under improved conditions.

29th                              Visit of Commander-in-Chief and G.O.C. Third Army – G.R.A. attended at Div HQ 2 pm.



  1. Benon


Bde Major 55th D.A.



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