The Western Front


1st March                 Germany extends submarine campaign

5th March                 Allies advance on Kilimanjaro

6th March               Britain forms Women’s Land Service Corps

9th March               Germany declares war on Portugal

12th March               Allied Military conference

14th March               Admiral von Tirpitz resigns as Minister of Marine High Command

15th March               Austria/Hungary declare war on Portugal

21st March             German forces withdraw from Kilimanjaro

24th March             British Passenger ferry torpedoed

27th March              Edward Mellish VC – gallent curate

30th March             Germans sink Russian hospital ship Portugal

31st March              German Zeppelin shot down near Thames estuary

31st March               Pershing (USA) defeats Mexican troops




6th March                 New German offensive on Verdun

31st March               Germans take the Village of Vaux


The Eastern Front

18th March                Russia launches the Lake Naroch offensive

21st March               Russian secondary attack near Riga

30th March                Russia calls a halt to the Lake Naroch Offensive


The Caucasus and the Middle East

18th March                Russian offensive at Vilna begins

19th March                Commander of British forces in Egypt replaced






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