2 Lt Street diary Feb 1916


OF 2/Lt. Alfred Benjamin STREET



1st Feb. Tuesday.  Took the gun escort down to the Quay and accompanied guns and Caterpillars up to the Camp.  Parked guns in afternoon.  Met Carey who was with me at Pembroke Dock.  Mail in.  Fine sunny day.


2nd Feb. Wednesday.  Weather same. Camp Orderly Off: Mail came in & out.  No 1 gun was put up and Harvey put down beams.


3rd Feb. Thursday. Weather same.  Went out on a bike for latter half of morning to see Signallers.  Paraded at 7.0p.m. to put down my gun.  Did not get line laid out till 9 p.m.  Beams went in fairly well, Bed wanted a little coaxing, Cradle went down very well at front end but there was bad delay at the rear end owing to the pins through the lifting screws having got bent in travelling and there was great difficulty in getting them out, Gun went in well.  Left hand door of earth box would not shut, filled the box with earth without difficulty.  Finished at 4.0 am.


4th Feb. Friday.  Went with Q.M.S. in side car to get the pay and to settle some bills, paid out at 12.0.  Battery Drill in afternoon.  Weather same.


5th Feb. Sat.  Dull.  Rain all afternoon.  Went out with Signallers in the m’ning along the shore.  Dined out with the Major at the Kednical in the evening.


6th Feb. Sunday.  Fine and sunny again.  Took Church Parade, open air service.  Hill and I went to the English Church in the evening 6.15 and afterwards dined at Larene’s.


7th Feb. Monday.  Weather same.  Route march from 8.0 to 12.15 rather hot and trying.  Mail came in.  Walked into the Town with Harvey after tea.


8th Feb. Tuesday.  Weather same.  Took Breech Mechanism to pieces with Harvey in m’ning and ditto to hand receiver and microphone of D3 ‘phone with Cpl. Sandwell in afternoon.  Harvey and White each put down a gun at night.


9th Feb. Wednesday.  Rained a lot up to 7.0.a.m. and flooded several of the tents out, spent the m’ning draining.  Batty drill in afternoon.  I did B. C.  Camp & B. Ord Off.  Shifted to a separate tent.


10th Feb. Thursday.  Lovely fine sunny day rather warmer.  Light Element: with Harvey in m’ning.  Cleaning gun in afternoon.  Hill and I went to tea in the Town


11th Feb. Friday.  Weather same. Battery drill in m’ning, sorting stores in afternoon.  Harvey and I dined in Mahomet Ali Club.

12th Feb. Saturday. Weather same.  Went out with Signallers in m’ning to Hadra Lake.  Rifle inspection at 2.0p.m.


13th Feb. Sunday.  Dull sultry day.  Church at 7.0a.m. and at 6.15 with Hill and afterwards at Larene’s.  Mail in.


14th Feb. Monday.  Fine sunny warm day.  Route march from 8.0to 12 under Capt Hart, the Major being at a Court Martial.  Mail in.  Wrote letters in the afternoon.


15th Feb. Tuesday.  Weather same.  In m’ning went with the Major to Nazha Gdns near Hadra Lake.  Signallers laying line from Water Wks Hill to Hadra Lake out with them in afternoon.


16th Feb. Wednesday. Weather same.  Camp and Battery Ord. Off: in Camp all day.  Wrote some letters.  Telegram came in asking us for strength etc. and whether ready to move.


17th Feb. Thursday.  Squally m’ning fine later. Battery drill in m’ning.  Reconnoitring phone line between Water Wks Hill and Battery in afternoon.  After dinner went with Longford, Hutchings and Hill to the American Cosmograph, very good pictures.


18th Feb. Friday.  Fine sunny day.  Out with Signallers all day, laying line from Water Wks Hill to battery.  Walked with the Major into the Town after tea.


19th Feb. Saturday. Fine sunny day rather windy.  Checking stores in the m’ning and saw to the finishing of the line started yesterday.  Rest of the Battery was employed in digging Cartridge recesses and stacking the shell which we had drawn on Thursday and Friday.  We now have our full supply of ammunition, 320 rounds, except the 5% spare tubes.  Walked into Town after tea with the Major and Meade King.


20th Feb. Sunday.  Dull early fairly fine day.  Church at 7am and 6.15 dined afterwards (alone) at Larene’s.


21st Feb. Monday. Fine sunny day.  Route march for 4 ¾ hours, all very “fed up” out to Sidi Bashr.  2Lieut. W.R.O. Melvlle joined the Battery, came out on the Olympic with the others.  Walked into Town before tea to cash a cheque at Cox’s.


22nd Feb. Tuesday.  Fine fairly sunny day.  Camp and Battery Ord. Off.  In Camp all morning.  Went out in afternoon to find fault in line between Water Wks Hill & Hadra Lake.  Returned at 5pm.  Mail out.


23rd Feb. Wednesday.  Fine sunny day. Battery drill in the m’ning, afternoon put Signallers on to marking their stores.  Rt half did night Battery Drill.


24th Feb. Thursday.  Rather dull but fine.  Battery Drill in morning.  With signallers in afternoon.  Went with Hill and Harvey to American Cosmograph after dinner.

25th Feb. Friday.  Fine sunny day. Battery drill in morning, did B.C. up on Water Wks Hill.  Had orders to move to Hadra Camp on Wed. 1st Mch.  Tried soldering ‘phone wires in afternoon.  Mail in.


26th Feb. Saturday.  Fine sunny day.  With the Signallers in the m’ning doing test messages.  Kit inspection in afternoon.  Received orders to move to Suez probably at end of next week.  At 7pm all officers and men ordered to return to Camp due to report that the Austrian fleet was out and also that the Arabs might rise.  Guards increased and supplied with ammunition.  Mail in.


27th Feb. Sunday.  Dullish day with nasty wind which carried lots of sand.  Took Church Parade as Orderly Officer.  Scare of yesterday over and we resumed our usual state of affairs.  Went to Church at 6.15 and dined at Larene’s.


28th Feb. Monday.  Fine sunny day.  With Signallers in the morning reeling in the Hadra Lake – Water Wks Hill line.  No afternoon parade.  Went into the Town after tea with Meade King. Battery drill 8.30 pm to 10.


29th Feb. Tuesday.  Rather dull but fine.  Route march from 8 – 12, very fed up.  Went into the Town after tea, met Harvey there.

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