Officers with 17th F.A. Brigade Feb 1916





17th F.A. Brigade

29th Divisional Artillery


February 1916



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


LIST of OFFICERS serving with 17th F.A. Brigade on 29-2-16


Lieut A.E.G. Leadbetter a/Adjutant

Captain H. Harris R.A.M.C.

Captain Magill A.V.C.


26th Battery                                                                             92nd Battery                                         13th Battery

Captain D. Daly (Commanding)                                             Lieutenant J.E. Mocatta                      Captain R.S. Leach

2/Lieut H.R. Remmington                                                      Lieut R. Marx                                     Lieut H.T. Clare

2/Lieut R. Chalkley                                                                 2/Lieut M. Sleilt                                  2/Lieut D.M. Ely

2/Lieut J.H.S. Faixley                                                             2/Lieut R.M. Dale                               2/Lieut W. Dalziel

2/Lieut. T.C. Ratsey


17th Bde Amm Column

Major T. Hagan

2/Lieut A.J. King

2/Lieut A.W. Pewtress

2/Lieut R.W. Williams


On leave to ENGLAND Colonel W.P. Monkhouse C.M.G., M.V.O. (Commanding)

  • Major R.C. Williams 92nd Battery


Officers who left 17th Brigade during February 1916


CAPTAIN T.S. MALCOMSON R.F.A. sick to hospital, SUEZ.

2/Lieut H.R. Emery R.F.A. to 460th (How) Battery.


Officers who joined 17th Brigade during February 1916


2/Lieut R.M. Dale from “B” Battery R.H.A. (15th Bde)

Captain Magill A.V.C. joined 23-2-16 vice **** last seen when he left C.HELLES.

2/Lieut A.T. King, 17th BAC from hospital 26-2-16


A.E.G. Leadbetter

Lt. R.F.A.

Adjutant 17 Bde R.F.A.

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