17 Field Artillery Brigade War Diary Feb 1916





17th F.A. Brigade

29th Divisional Artillery


February 1916



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


SUEZ           1st onwards          The 26th Battery equipped with 42nd D.A. horses was at AYUM MUSA, on the E. side of SUEZ CANAL.  At the extreme limit of the Canal defences.  It is about 5 miles from EL SHATT, which is opposite PORT TEWFIK, but only 2 miles from the sea.  (Gulf of SUEZ).  Communications by water from PORT TEWFIK to QUARINTINE STATION **** are within 2 miles of AYUN MUSA.  AYUN MUSA is constructed into a fort with carefully sited trenches.  10th Battery R.G.A. was also there (147th Bde).  The camp also consisted of 3 Battalions of INDIAN TROOPS of the 20th Garhwal Brigade, 10th Indian Division.  Headquarters of the Division were at EL SHATT and AYUN MUSA formed the right hand fort a detached fort.  On the right of AYUN MUSA the Navy was allotted most of the ground for defence.  Water arrangements at AYUN MUSA were good.

The rest of the Brigade remained encamped at SUEZ, awaiting the arrival of equipment of all sorts and also horses.

We were partially made up by drafts from General Base Depot SIDI BISHIR, and about 70 draft horses also arrived, some of which had been sent away from the Brigade from HELLES in November 1915. 12 new guns for the Division arrived, of which the Brigade got 2.  Certain amount of harness was also issued.

21st                        13th Battery R.F.A. relieved the 10th Battery at AYUN MUSA.

22nd                        It was decided to send the whole of the Brigade to AYUN MUSA.  The whole of the 15th Brigade to EL SHATT, and the scheme was to have 147 Bde at EL KUBRI.   All the D.A. on the East of the Canal.

25th                        The rest of the Brigade (Headquarters, 92nd Battery, & 17th Bde. A.C.) went to AYUN MUSA.

27th                        13th Battery moved out to the PLATEAO to be ready to occupy a position about 1 ½ miles North of AYUN MUSA.  Orders were received from D.A. H.Q. at EL SHATT to move back to SUEZ next day.  Orders also said that we were now under orders for FRANCE.

28th 29th                 H.Q. B.AC & 92nd Batteries returned to SUEZ CAMP.

The Brigade handed over its old guns to 42nd D.A. and we got new ones in exchange, also we were made up with new wagons from 42nd D.A.  It seems that they were issued to them in error as they had only had them a few days.  We drew most of our harness and made most things to establishment as far as Ordinance could supply.  A few riders & mules were drawn from 29th Train.



This diary compiled by me

AEG Leadbetter

Lieut. R.F.A.

Adjutant 17th F.A. Bde.

For Lt. Colonel Commanding



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