G Hammond letter Feb 16





Dear Gladys,

I had a letter from Fred during the week he has gone back to the trenches.  It is beastly weather for him.  I had a letter from Elsie this week telling me that Aunt Sarah had been over.  How are you getting along with the scholarship.   I have some very interesting news for you this week.  Last Sunday to Monday I was in bed again with influenza but am quite alright now.

Well last Wednesday 3 of us were absorbed into the Battalion strength – this means that I am no longer an additional officer liable to be moved to any other unit, but am a fixture.  In peace time this is considered to be promotion on the first step towards real promotion.  Well to improve matters there was an examination on Thursday for junior officers by the Divisional Board unless this exam is passed they will not send us out.  To get on with the tale there was an oral exam and we had to parade again at 5pm for a written exam only those who had passed the oral were allowed to stay, you will be surprised to hear that only 14 out of the whole Brigade passed – 3 were from out Battalion and I was one of them.  I have been working very hard lately as I wanted promotion as much as anyone.  My OC Company, the junior Major, was delighted and congratulated me.

The greatest event of all is that Burn’s marriage is off.  Mr. A wrote to his father telling him what A had called his mother his father has ticked him off.  Then Mrs. A went over to Stockport and saw Mrs. Brocklehurst and told her everything she possible could – result Arthur the juggler is rejected and all arrangements had been made for a wedding to take place the first week in March.  I will give you more details when I come home, I rather dislike the thought of meeting AB again.  He will be sure to think I am the originator of all of this however it serves him right.

Well I have no more news at present, next time you write make it a bit longer & find out how much Harding will let me have 500 of my special cigarettes for.  I am enclosing 10/- for a birthday present, can’t raise more at present

Fondest love to all

Your loving brother



PS Many happy returns dear. G

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