Recruiting letter Oct 15

War Office




October 1915



At my request, the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, representing all Political Parties working in conjunction with the Joint Labour Recruiting Committee are organising a great recruiting campaign to induce men who can be spared, to come forward voluntarily for service in the Army.  If this effort does not succeed, the Country knows that everything possible will have been done to make the voluntary system a success, and will have to decide by what method sufficient recruits can be obtained to maintain our Armies in the field at their required strength.


Mr. Asquith pledged this Country to support our Allies to the fullest extent in our power.  It was a pledge given on behalf of the Nation and endorsed by all parties.  Every man of military age and fitness must equally bear his share in redeeming it.


May I, as Director – General of Recruiting, beg you to consider your own position?  Ask yourself whether, in a country fighting as ours is for its very existence, you are doing all you can for its safety, and whether the reason you have hitherto held valid as one for not enlisting holds good at the present crisis.  Lord Kitchener wants every man he can get.  Will you not be one of those who respond to your Country’s call?


I am,

Yours faithfully,


Director-General of Recruiting,

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