G G Hammond letter Aug 15

No 3142 P/e G.G. Hammond

2/7th Bat Mc/r Regt

D Compy 15 Platoon




Dear Father & Mother

I received your letter & parcel alright last week.  Thanks very much for the cigarettes & the note.  I am always uneasy when a letter containing my money does not turn up to time.  How is Gladys getting on now.  She has not written to me for weeks.  When I was over at Uncle Will’s he said he was going to our place & something was said about Gladys coming back so if we are still here I may have a chance of seeing something of her.  I am going to apply for a pass home soon if the railway fare drops.  It is 10/5 at present & you only get from Saturday 1-o’clock until Sunday night.

Tom Spencer has been over again this weekend so I have had rather a good time, he is coming down again on Thursday in the car & bringing Hilda & Peggy so our luck is in.  I am on Garrison Police duty for a week or so, relieving two of our men who have to go back to the company for training.  We were inspected by the General this morning & he congratulated us on being a fine body of men.  Bozey Bozey.  I commenced on this job yesterday & had a very eventful day.  I was sleeping on the grass outside the hut when I was suddenly wakened by a rifle shot.  The bullet went right through the hut wall, through a partition a finally stuck in the door post.

All the police were called out & we made a search through the 8 L F lines, we found a bullet hole in one of the huts, so all the men were paraded and the doors locked.  The men and rifles were examined and eventually one of the men gave himself up.  He is now awaiting his trial in the Guard Room.  I suppose his sentence will be fairly stiff as the bullet passed within about 2 ft of our sergeant’s head.  Later on in the day as we were marching home an officer ran into us on his motor bike and knocked one of our chaps down.  He had to be taken to the hospital.

The food supplied to the G.M.P.’s is much better than that we get and more of it, but I would not care for it permanently as you are confined to camp to a certain extent.  I have heard nothing more about the commission yet but I have not given up hope as it is sometimes weeks before you hear anything.  I think it must have been a rumour about going to Egypt as I have heard nothing more.  I met a chap from Stockport the other day.  Dad knows him, Robinson, he told me Jack Lister had been killed (unofficial) & Heydon wounded.  Well I shall have to conclude now as we are going to fall in soon to patrol the village &c to keep the men in order.

Love George

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