Final re T F Paul 28 Aug 15



9 Risingholme Road

Wealdstone High Road



22nd August 1915


The Colonel,

3/7th Battn Middlesex Regt

Falmer, near Brighton


Dear Sir,

Re Thomas F. Paul, No  4509

“D” Company


I am writing at the request of my sister, who had been guardian to the above, since he was 5 years of age.  T. F. Paul is my nephew & has no parents living: he is a child of another sister of mine who died some years ago.


He is very anxious that he should serve his King & Country, & so are all of us that he should do so.


My sister thinks, however, that in consequence of his youth (he was not 17 years of age when he joined) & also of his very short eyesight (if his glasses in anyway got damaged or lost, he would be blind without them – & he cannot see sideways without turning his head round) that you would pardon the liberty taken in drawing your attention to this & she would be very grateful if you could – instead of sending him away on active service with the regiment, transfer him to some Home Service Battalion, as she has a very strong objection to his being sent away to the front for the above-mentioned reasons.


Personally, with his defective vision & nervous temperament, I do not think he would stand a fair sporting chance.


I am writing this unknown to my nephew & shall be obliged if you will kindly treat this in confidence.


Apologising for taking up your valuable time, & thanking you in advance for your attention,

I remain, dear Sir,

Yours faithfully


  1. Spencer Stilwell






Captain and Adjutant

3/7th Batt Middlesex Regt


To A Stilwell Esq.



Falmer 24/8/1915


Answered 28/8/15


In reply to your letter of the 22nd I have to say that in the event of this Battalion going on Foreign Service No 4509 Pte. Thomas F. Paul would not be taken

  • on account of his age
  • should his physical defects be as you say


  1. Petrie Hobson

Captain and Adjutant, 3/7th Batt. Middlesex Regt.




Dear Sir,


Re Thomas F. Paul No 4509 ”D” Company


I beg to acknowledge receipt of your favour of the 24th inst & note your remarks for which my sister & I are very much obliged.


Yours faithfully


  1. Spencer Stilwell


Capt. A. Petrie-Hobson

3/7th Battn. Middlesex Regt.

Farmer near Brighton

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