F Hammond letter 30 Dec 15

Written on an opened out brown envelope.




Dear F & M

I am in the pink.  We can only hear the wind howling at night now.  We had a very good Xmas.  I went down to our HQ and spent the night there we had a good feed and plenty of everything to drink including cigars so I didn’t do so bad.  I hope you enjoyed yourself as well as I did.  We are now looking forward to the New Year and of course all being well the Scotch always keep it up.  I shan’t be home in time to let it in this year but I hope this time next year we shall all be together to let it in.  I went for a bath tonight and spent a couple of hours at solo whist afterwards in an estaminet so we don’t spend a bad time when in rest.  How did Geo & Will look?  I hope Mar & Dad are keeping well and that Gladys is going strong.

I got some tobacco & cigs from Willie the other day.  A 1lb tin so I have put it on the table and the lads all come along with their pipes.  I had the misfortune to lose my washing a few weeks ago a shell dropped in the garden and blew it to na’ pue otherwise Il na yen a plus.  There is a cinema a few yds away but I have not had time to visit it yet too busy at Xmas.  I wish you all prosperity in the New Year hoping that all are well.  I will now fini

Yours Burgy

How’s alias Turk


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