F Hammond letter 24 Dec 15



Dear Pa & Mar

Just a line to let you know I am OK.  I suppose you will have got the pc I sent.  I am glad to say I am in the best of health.  We came out of action a day or two ago and are now out of the noise and din of the guns for a few weeks without old Fritz gets too troublesome.  As no doubt you are aware they tried to do it on us with gas and now gas shells and all the stuff they could devise but we were prepared and when Fritzs came over he was soon quietened.  I must say it was the hottest time we have had yet but all the lads in our lot are merry and bright.  We are billeted in a village not far from where we first stayed last May prior to our first smell of powder.  Allcock and I paid a visit to the latter place the other night and we fairly cemented the occasion.  It’s nice to get back to where they speak French as I can’t understand the Flemish patois at all except they say Yar Yar for yes.  Well I hope you all have a good time this Xmas.  I am going to try to have a good day tomorrow so don’t think Burgy is having a bad time of course I could go on a bit of turkey & sausages very nicely but still it won’t trouble me much if you send me a parcel anytime.  I shouldn’t object to a few sausages as we never see them out here.  You will see I got the parcel from Mount Tabor Church OK so I will enclose a little note in this envelope.  I also got your parcel OK.  I couldn’t count more than 8 whole mince pies but I didn’t waste any it was Tra Bon of course I had to spread it round a bit as all the boys sample each other’s parcels.  I think this is all at present.  I suppose Geo has heard the tale of a sentry halting a man at night saying “Halt who goes there?”  “Chaplain” Sentry “Pass Charlie”.

Well I hope you all the very best wishes and prosperity in the New Year.

Luck and love to all.



If Willie is called up don’t let him forget to mention the (fact) that he is an operator and at which office he came from.


Please post the letter to Mr. Taylor

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