F Hammond letter 3 Oct

After Loos night in Bethune then to Ypres until after Christmas 1915 in biro

62210 RE

HQ 28th I.B. 9th Sig Co

BEF Belgium

Oct 1915

Dear Mar & Pa

Just a line to let you know I am OK.  I suppose you read in the papers of the great battle in which our Division took a very active part.  I have very little to say about it there was some very heavy fighting and all did their best.  I believe perhaps we did not advance as far as we thought we would but I believe we were very instrumental in giving the French the chance to make such  headway.  As we drew the German reserves to us and our artillery must have hit them very hard.  The weather was very bad at the time the trenches being knee deep in mud & water however I took no harm and am quite well.  We had a short rest in Bethune & managed to get a good bath & change however we had a train journey northwards the other day and are now near the much talked of Silent City which the Belgian people were very proud of and which has been a thorn in the Kaiser’s prophesies.  The country round here is more wooded & hilly and not many villages.  The first night we slept on the ground but next day we managed to raise a bell tent which we still hold.  We have also been issued with blankets which is certainly a necessity in the open country.  We were inspected today by Genl. Plummer.  I think this is all concerning myself at present.  What is Geo address.  How’s the prefect going on and yourselves.  We are allowed to write one letter per week now.  So will be dropping you a line again soon.

Yours Fred.


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