F Hammond letter 16 Oct 15

62210 RE

HQ 28 Inf Bde

16 10 15

Dear Mar & Pa

Was very pleased to get your letter followed by the parcel which had to be repacked in London but from what the letter said I received everything I think.  Sorry to hear the Head Prefect is on the sick list again but I hope she will be OK by this.  I am on night duty and the office is in a small shed attached to a farm.  We are living in Tents & huts.  These appear to be an attempt at making us as cosy as possible during the winter months.  I believe it is very cold out here in winter but from the way they are putting these huts up we shall be able to stick it unless the Boches get fed up with their present position and retire a good distance.  You see it is all country round here and the only town near to Poperinghe is so often shelled by long range guns that it makes it rather unsafe to have many troops there.  I was there for a bath the other day one soon gets Hitchy Coo out here no matter what sort of vermin killer you get.  I had a letter from Geo tonight he seems to be liking it alright now.  Also had a letter and a big box of cigs from Willie.  Hear he’s been teaching the girls to swim.  We have been in this place since last I wrote you but we are moving forward tomorrow.  It would not be bad here at all only the water supply is very poor.  There is a YMCA tent where you can get nearly anything you want.  They hold concerts in it at night.  I believe the charges are very reasonable.  They are also erecting a cinema.  So you see things are not so bad I can tell you there are worse places than France & Belgium one may get to.  There was any English Divnl Band playing in a little village close by it did seem strange listening to Selections from “Our Miss Gibbs” in range of the Allemand guns.  I fairly enjoyed it.  It reminded me more of fifty for thee & fifty for me.  Of course you know the natives speak Flemish.  It is more like German to me.  Very guttural.  I haven’t really got going yet with it.  They seem to understand me alright.  I speak to them like an Hazel Grover and they compree.  I have brought one or two pcs which may interest you.  Keep them if they land OK.  I think this is all this time.  Remember me to all enquiring friends.  We have made slight advances round the area, Hohenzollern Redoubt etc.  I believe they are keeping them at it.  What about Bulgaria?  Well don’t worry it will all come right if the recruits turn up and the shells come.  I hear there’s no treating, what a game.

Love Burgy

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