Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service June 1942.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

01/06/1942    Found  Shenfield     A portion of a German Meteorological Balloon on a

tree in Alwynne Avenue.  Subsequently sent to H.Q.

16/06/1942    Found  South            1 – 2″ British Trench Mortar Shell near the

                                    Benfleet         seaplane obstruction.  (Removed by BDS 22.6.42).

20/06/1942    11.30  Wallasea        Norman Sidney Hales of 4 Dogget’s Close

Island             Rochford an employee of the Stambridge Thrashing Machine Coy. Ltd. Was working on the Island when he was tampering with a German Cannon Shell which he had found at Hockley a few days previously which exploded.  Hales received the following injuries:- Tops of 3 fingers and thumb of left hand and ( Rest of entry on original missing).

22/06/1942    17.00  Hadleigh        1 – 2″ British Trench Mortar found in the creek near

the Old Jetty, opposite the Salvation Army Colony, removed to South Benfleet Police Station  (removed BDS 14.7.42).

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