Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service July 1940.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service July 1940.



Date                Time   Location         Damage


08/07/1940                Great              1 – A.A. unexploded shell on Marshes at rear of

Wakering       Home Farm.  No damage or casualties.

09/07/1940    03.00  Foulness       7 – H.Es.  3 near Court End Village.  3 centre of

Island             Experimental Station.  3 horses and 4 sheep killed.  Crops fired.  Slight damage to a house.

09/07/1940    23.00  South             24 – H.Es in vicinity of Essex Way Water Tower

Benfleet         and Highwood.  6 houses damaged some seriously.  2 slight casualties.  Telephone wires, electric cables and gas main damaged.  Essex Way closed.

13/07/1940                Paglesham    1 – A.A. unexploded shell in field at South Hall

Farm East End.  No damage of casualties.

13/07/1940                Vange            1 – H.E. unexploded in a field off Paynters Hill.  No

casualties or damage.

17/07/1940    23.15  Foulness       7 – H.Es on Saltings.  No damage or casualties.


17/07/1940    23.16  Eastwood      Rayleigh Road A.1015 closed.  Burst water main.

19/07/1940                Pitsea             London Shoeburyness Road A.13 closed.  Bridge


21/07/1940    01.50  Potton Island 2 – H.Es 1 is unexploded opposite the creek

between New England and Foulness Island.  No damage or casualties.

21/07/1940    01.50  Paglesham    2 – H.Es  1 is unexploded at West Hall and about

30 I.Bs at Stennetts Farm.  No casualties.  Slight damage to Barley crop.

21/07/1940    01.50  Stambridge    2 – H.Es 200 yards South East from Sewage

Disposal Works.  No damage or casualties.

22/07/1940    23.47  Thundersley 1 – H.E. at Old Brickfields 50 yards from Birches

Road.  Telephone wires down and a few windows broken.

26/07/1940    22.20  Great Warley 5 – H.Es in garden of The Goldings.  Outhouse                                                             demolished.  Slight damage to the house.  5 cows

killed.  2 had to be destroyed.

27/07/1940    01.15  Canvey          17 – H.Es 1is unexploded at Marine Approach

Island             (Safe 30th Inst)  9 exploded in fields of White

Farm between Vicarage and Meynell Avenue.  8 exploded on Labworth Estate.  5 slight casualties.  3 houses badly damaged, 5 slightly.  Damage to gas and water mains.  Meynell Avenue closed ( open 18/8/40)


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