Norman Richardson 2nd Lieut S.O. 27 November 1916

Opened on Nov. 1st 1916.
Started Intelligence Nov 21st 1916.
Norman Richardson 2nd Lieut S.O.
DECK. 27/11/16
REPORTS on Wire.
{ A. Forward of ‘C’ Line.

{B. Between ‘C’ and ‘R’ Line.

A. Forward of ‘C’ Line. In front of Left Front Co. the wire is very good; that of the Right Front Co. is not so good, but here there are stretches of entanglements and wire, old but forming effective obstacles over 100 yds into No Man’s Land.
(a) Right Front Co.
1. Patrol Report of 25/11/16. Place of exit was Left Advanced Post from YOUNG ST. “On our return journey we entered our wire about 50 yards West of the wire fence. The wire was chiefly French wire and little barbed wire was encountered. We struck the wire fence about 30 yards from its junction with ‘Z’ Hedge.”
2. Patrol Report 24/11/16. Place of exit was junction of YOUNG ST & ‘C’ LINE K.3.d.2.9. “The outer edge of our wire is about 100 yards from our parapet”—-“ We left our lines at K.3.d.2.9. and proceeded along the wooden fence which runs out in a N.E. direction. We went about 100 yards along this, the going was fairly easy and we walked all the way. The wire on the fence is still standing. On the left hand side of the fence, very little of our wire is left. On the right the wire is much broken but would form a difficult obstacle.
3. There is fairly good wire round the posts at the head of YUSSIF and also of YOUNG ST.
4. Between these two posts there has originally been a little wire but much of it has been blown away & does not afford much of an obstacle at all.
5. The wire at the YUSSIF post is within bombing range.

(b) Left Front Co. [from YUSSIF to SAP]
1. From YUSSIF to YUZ. – Good; 20 ft wide.
2. From YUZ to SAP – On the whole good; about 20 ft wide.
3. Opposite the end of YUZ: – V. Good indeed. Posts wired all round.

Page 3 of report is missing. Recommences at page 4.

B. (b) Contd
to stout wooden pickets. The wire is in fairly good condition, but in places has been blown up by shell fire.
1 The ground between the latter wire and ‘R’ LINE is full of shell holes and seems to have been laid with cross trip wire on short pickets.
But owing to shell fire this has been badly mangled, the broken places having been filled in with barbed concertinas.
This wire comes to within 4 yards of ‘R’ LINE.

N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
Notes on Maps in Possession.
1. About 30 57C NW Edition 4A. Achiet Le Grand.
2. About 30 57C SW “ “ Martinpuich
3. About 10 1/20,000 Puisieux
4. 1 Achiet.

On separate leaf.

Dugouts. Left Coys Front.
1. Signallers 15 men lying supported by strong beams. 12’ cover.
2. Coy H.Q. 3 beds, supported by 6” props. 4’ cover.
3. Runners. 6 men. 8’ cover.
4. Holds 20 men. 2 entrances. 4’ top.
5. 12 men. good condition. 6’ cover.
6. Elephant dugout, holds 8. cover 3’.
7. Holds 6. Off servants. 4’ cover.

1. Weatherproof hold 3 men.
Others 4 each hold 4. 3’ cover.
2. 2 each hold 5 men. Corrugated iron cover
3. Patrol post. hold 4 men. Corrugated Iron cover
4. 5 others in SUPPORT LINE hold 3 men. Corrugated Iron cover.
F.C. Bootimore Lt.
D Coy

Illustration of locations.

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