Norman Richardson TACTICAL PROGRESS REPORT. 23 November 1916

Opened on Nov. 1st 1916.
Started Intelligence Nov 21st 1916.
Norman Richardson
2nd Lieut S.O.
From 6 pm, 22/11/16 till 6 am, 23/11/16
Enemy’s Artillery: was inactive during this period. Two 77 mm H.E. fell near YORK ST.
Own Artillery: Fairly active during the night and at intervals in answer to calls for retaliation, from Y.48, Y.49, and Y.50.
Trench Mortars: Enemy trench mortars were extremely active at intervals of ½ hour to 1 hour all night.
Our A Co, (Right Front) received attention between 6 pm & 9 pm.
A large number of L.T.M.s were fired on ‘B’ line. Both Heavy & light were directed on ‘C’ and ‘R’ lines. There were no cases of direct hits except one on ‘C’ line, about 30 yards W of YIDDISH.
Our ‘B’ Co (centre) and our ‘C’ Co (left front) both received attention this morning. The former (Y49) got retaliation at 3.40 am from our artillery.
The enemy sent over here a very large number of H.T.M & L.T.M. bombs at first mostly on ‘C’ line to the right on YOUNG ST but later beginning at the YUSSIF advanced post, working along the wire to YOUNG ST post and then down YOUNG ST towards ‘R’ line and back along the wire in front of ‘R’ line. The top of YOUNG ST was very much damaged.
Machine Guns traversed the parapet during some of the bursts.
Our artillery put over about 60 H.E. as retaliation to a burst of T.M. fire at 4.40 am.
Our ‘C’ Co (Y50) asked for retaliation at 5.20 am.
At 5.15 am. the T.M.s all switched round and seemed to concentrate their fire on the FONQUEVILLERS sector..
M.G. Hostile M.G.s were firing intermittently throughout the night.
Trench Mortars: Starlights were sent up with some of the M.T.M.s apparently to hide the track of the fuse as much as possible.
A horn was heard just previous to one of the bursts.
The T.Ms were firing apparently from about the points K.4.c.9.5. and K.3.c.9.5.
I enclose reports. They are rather scrappy. I’ll try to get things improved. I’m sorry there are no sketches.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
8.0 pm.
2nd Lt. Bradford tells me that T.Ms seemed to be firing from Left corner looking from Mousetrap.
From 6 AM, till 6 pm, 23/11/16.
Enemy Artillery:
8 am – 10 am: Very quiet & trench mortars silent.
10 am – 12 noon: Enemy trench mortars were fairly active. Also the Artillery, with whizz bangs and a few heavy shells on HEBUTERNE.
12 – 2 pm: Occasional whizz bangs on front line and heavy shells on left of our sector & behind.
2 pm – 5 pm: Bombardment on right starting about 3.30. also a few shells in HEBUTERNE.
Enemy M.G.s: A little activity about 4.30 pm.
Enemy Movement.
10.15 am Small party seen at K.4.d.4.8.
Small parties & single men seen frequently using road from Cemetery GOMMECOURT past NAMELESS FARM.
Enemy Work:
7.15 am: Working party seen in enemy front line trench at K.3.d.6.7. carrying planks of wood.
8.30 am – 9.15 am: Small working party digging & driving in stakes at K.4.c.9.4. – This was reported to R.F.A. who attended to the matter with H.Es & S. – Party ceased work.
11.0 am: Working party carrying sand bags from K.6.c.8.3. to K.6.c.6.5.
12.30 pm: Men seen walking on top of trench from K.5.a.7.2. apparently gathering wire or sticks.
Enemy Aircraft:
8.30 am } Two planes approached
9.45 am} our lines & then retired.
10.0 am Enemy aeroplane over our lines.
10.15 am “ “ “ “ “
10.45 am “ “ “ “ “
11.50 am “ “ “ “ “
2.0 pm “ “ “ “ “
We are working on our two posts. Sniping on both sides inactive.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
5.0 pm.

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