Norman Richardson 2nd Lieut S.O. November 1916

Opened on Nov. 1st 1916.
Started Intelligence Nov 21st 1916.
Norman Richardson 2nd Lieut S.O.

SC 257 1/11/16
Custody of Stores.
6. The Divl Signal Company will leave behind the supernumerary officer attached to it. This officer will be in charge of any personnel remaining in the Divl area. He will collect all spare signal stores at a site selected by him, and will report to O.C. Divl Salvage Co., where this site is. All telegraphs & telephone instruments liable to injury by explosive will be collected at the nearest convenient Signal Office.
28th /10/16

No Name Rank Co Date of Enlistment Age Employment Religion Remarks
1176 Pallister T.R.
Thomas Russel Lcpl B 6/1/15 25 Painter & Decorator C.E.
1152 Taylor W.
William Pte B
159 J.H. Southern
Joseph Harle “ A
1275 W.E. Laidler
William Edward “ D Number 95368
485 J.F. Davidson “ C
211 J.E. Yorke “ A
581 G.H. Robinson “ C
782 G.H. Jacob “ D
70 C.H. Goldsmith “ A
286 G.R. Harrison “ B Taken on Orderly Room

No Name Rank Co Date of Enlistment Age Employment Religion Remarks

592 Johnson W.
Wilfred Allen
Purvis W.
William Pte

Pte A


No Name Rank Co Date of Enlistment Age Employment Religion Remarks Name sent in to Brigade
565 Norman R.C.
Robert Clarke Pte. H.Q. Trained X
577 Parlett G.
George Pte H.Q.

21155 Smith J.
James Pte A X
952 Moon J.W.
John William Pte A

20759 Newton J.B.
John Bould Pte B X
18265 Perry W.
William Pte B

18 Cox H.H.
Henry Henderson Pte C Prefix 20/
8341 Downey G. Pte C X

1308 Colwell M.
Mark Pte D X
602 Salkeld G
Gerald Pte D

Total 10
Unit Nearest Place Location
Bde. H.Q. HULL Thievres I.7.b.30.10
BOW Couin D.26.c.05.05.
STERN Thievres I.7.b.40.50
KEEL [less 2 Cos] Coigneux J.9.a.30.10
KEEL [2 Cos] Courcelles J.27.d.9.2.
DECK Rossignol Farm J.3.c.90.70.
RIB Coigneux J8.c.40.60.
RUDDER Sailly J.18.a.50.50.
SHIP (Advanced) Bay*** J.9.b.90.50.

9/11/16 IV
CODE for use of DECK only.
Are you alright
Stand to
Stand down
May we stand down
(a) Yes
(b) No
Alert on
Alert off
Send one Section Support from Bn H.Q.
“ “ Platoon “ “ “
One Lewis Gun wanted
I want extra S.B.
Taken over completely
Handed over completely

(a) Marching in State
(b) Situation
(c) Intelligence
(d) Sap
(e) Patrol
(f) Casualties (wounded)
(g) Casualties (killed)
(h) Trench Stores List
(i) Work
Report not received PUB



From 2 pm, 21st 11/16 till 6 am, 22nd/11/16
1. Enemy Artillery. 4.45 pm – 6 pm: Hostile Artillery was active on our front line, chiefly on the centre and left, and on YOUNG ST and YUSSIF. “R” line also received some attention near YULE ST.
It was mostly 77 mm H.E. fired from PUISIEUX direction together with a few rounds of 5.9 and 4.2 Howitzer.
Fairly quiet during night.
2. Own Artillery. Active all night with occasional bursts. Most of the firing seemed to be on our right.
3. Enemy Trench Mortars. 5.35 pm – 6.0 pm: Somewhat active on our front line.
A Medium T.M. appeared to be firing in the direction of YUSSIF.
Aerial Torpedoes ? Reported falling near advanced post, K.3.d.30.25.
4. Machine Guns. One M.G. was active from about 11.0 pm till 1.30 am traversing ‘R’ line in the vicinity of YOUNG ST. K.3.d.50.20.
Enemy movements: At 3.30 pm one of our posts saw a party of about 12 Germans leave their trench about K.4.b.40.20.
They came forward towards their wire. The post fired and they dropped down.
About 30 mins later, one man was seen to double back to the trench.
Observations: During the night a M.G. somewhere about K.11.a.central was sweeping the parapet of ’C’ line.
Our Lewis Guns replied with no apparent result.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
8.0 am.
From 6.0 am, to 6 pm.
Enemy Artillery: Occasional rounds were fired about midday into HEBUTERNE, mostly 77 mm.
Enemy fired about ten 77 m.m. shells on “R” line at the junction of YORKE. No damage was done.
Trench Mortars: Between 1.30 pm and 2.15 pm a few L.T.M. Bombs fell on the front line. These appeared to be fired from about K.4.c.80.65.
Machine Guns: Enemy machine guns slightly active during early morning.
Enemy Aeroplanes: 11.35 am, an enemy plane over our lines.
2.15 pm, another attempted to cross our lines.
3.30 pm, aircraft active on both sides. Two enemy aeroplanes appeared to bring down one of our fighters just south of HEBUTERNE.
Sniping: After having made a careful reconnaissance of our sector, it was found that there were no sniping posts, but good positions have been chosen.
Posts are under construction at two points:-
1. K.10.a.80.60. Field of fire over K.4.c.& d; nearest point of enemy lines, 350 yds.
2. At junction of Calvarie, Thorpe & Yus Trenches. Field of fire & frontage for observation will be given later. [K.3.d.5.4.]
There has been no sniping today on either side.
The light has been very bad.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
23rd 11/16
List of Maps
1. 49 Divn T.M. no 32 Copy 5 (1:5000)
2. Rough copy of above (NR1) (1:5000)
3. Enemy Disposition K.3 to K.24.
L.1 to L.20.
4. Sketch Map of N of Keep & NR 2 W of Thorpe 1:5000
5. 4 sketch maps of K.9. & K.10.} 1/5000
1 “ “ with dispositions.}
6. (No) 3 Sketch from 18th W Y Map (my own)

3.40 pm Y49
Retaliation called for
All ask for retaliation Y48 Y50
4.50 also
5-20 Y50 Retaliation
Situation 3.30 am 23/11/16
Enemy trench mortar activity.
Windmill B Co.
From 6 pm, 22/11/16 till 6 am, 23/11/16
Enemy’s Artillery: was inactive during this period. Two 77 mm H.E. fell near YORK ST.
Own Artillery: Fairly active during the night and at intervals in answer to calls for retaliation, from Y.48, Y.49, and Y.50.
Trench Mortars: Enemy trench mortars were extremely active at intervals of ½ hour to 1 hour all night.
Our A Co, (Right Front) received attention between 6 pm & 9 pm.
A large number of L.T.M.s were fired on ‘B’ line. Both Heavy & light were directed on ‘C’ and ‘R’ lines. There were no cases of direct hits except one on ‘C’ line, about 30 yards W of YIDDISH.
Our ‘B’ Co (centre) and our ‘C’ Co (left front) both received attention this morning. The former (Y49) got retaliation at 3.40 am from our artillery.
The enemy sent over here a very large number of H.T.M & L.T.M. bombs at first mostly on ‘C’ line to the right on YOUNG ST but later beginning at the YUSSIF advanced post, working along the wire to YOUNG ST post and then down YOUNG ST towards ‘R’ line and back along the wire in front of ‘R’ line. The top of YOUNG ST was very much damaged.
Machine Guns traversed the parapet during some of the bursts.
Our artillery put over about 60 H.E. as retaliation to a burst of T.M. fire at 4.40 am.
Our ‘C’ Co (Y50) asked for retaliation at 5.20 am.
At 5.15 am. the T.M.s all switched round and seemed to concentrate their fire on the FONQUEVILLERS sector..
M.G. Hostile M.G.s were firing intermittently throughout the night.
Trench Mortars: Starlights were sent up with some of the M.T.M.s apparently to hide the track of the fuse as much as possible.
A horn was heard just previous to one of the bursts.
The T.Ms were firing apparently from about the points K.4.c.9.5. and K.3.c.9.5.
I enclose reports. They are rather scrappy. I’ll try to get things improved. I’m sorry there are no sketches.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
8.0 pm.
2nd Lt. Bradford tells me that T.Ms seemed to be firing from Left corner looking from Mousetrap.
From 6 AM, till 6 pm, 23/11/16.
Enemy Artillery:
8 am – 10 am: Very quiet & trench mortars silent.
10 am – 12 noon: Enemy trench mortars were fairly active. Also the Artillery, with whizz bangs and a few heavy shells on HEBUTERNE.
12 – 2 pm: Occasional whizz bangs on front line and heavy shells on left of our sector & behind.
2 pm – 5 pm: Bombardment on right starting about 3.30. also a few shells in HEBUTERNE.
Enemy M.G.s: A little activity about 4.30 pm.
Enemy Movement.
10.15 am Small party seen at K.4.d.4.8.
Small parties & single men seen frequently using road from Cemetery GOMMECOURT past NAMELESS FARM.
Enemy Work:
7.15 am: Working party seen in enemy front line trench at K.3.d.6.7. carrying planks of wood.
8.30 am – 9.15 am: Small working party digging & driving in stakes at K.4.c.9.4. – This was reported to R.F.A. who attended to the matter with H.Es & S. – Party ceased work.
11.0 am: Working party carrying sand bags from K.6.c.8.3. to K.6.c.6.5.
12.30 pm: Men seen walking on top of trench from K.5.a.7.2. apparently gathering wire or sticks.
Enemy Aircraft:
8.30 am } Two planes approached
9.45 am} our lines & then retired.
10.0 am Enemy aeroplane over our lines.
10.15 am “ “ “ “ “
10.45 am “ “ “ “ “
11.50 am “ “ “ “ “
2.0 pm “ “ “ “ “
We are working on our two posts. Sniping on both sides inactive.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
5.0 pm.
From 6 pm, 23/11/16 till 6 am, 24/11/16.
Enemy Artillery: HEBUTERNE was shelled during the night with about 30 rounds, 4.2” shells at 10 pm & 11 pm. About 20 of the same calibre came over near the Left Support Co. on the left of the village at 1.30 am and 5.0 am.
Own Artillery: carried out a prearranged programme at 9 pm, 9.45 pm & 10.30 pm; for the purpose of keeping gaps in the enemy wire open.
Enemy T.M’s: Fairly quiet. On the right of our sector a few L.T.Ms fell. Also about 20 L.T.Ms were sent over our left company frontage mostly on “B” line. No damage was done.
Enemy M.G’s: active between 4.30 pm and 7 pm traversing the parapets and striking the houses near Bn HQ.
A wiring party was heard at K.4.c.30.80. after the first burst of fire. Nothing else was heard of the enemy.
The T.Ms seemed to be firing from K.4.c.40.70.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
Note: This was not sent in till 7.40 am. It may be late.
From 6 am till 6 am, 24/11/16.
Enemy Artillery: Enemy shelled HEBUTUERNE intermittently with 5.9” H.E., especially between 8.45 am and 9.15 am and 1.30 pm and 2 pm.
A few whizz-bangs were distributed about the trenches. Some were registered around the MOUSETRAP, also the DISUSED TRENCH, but no damage was done. One bay about 30x N of YUZ was blown in, in ‘R’ line.
Own Artillery: continuous all day.
Enemy T.M’s: silent today.
Enemy M.G’s: firing on our aircraft in the early morning..
Enemy movement. Parties of men seen moving about near E.23.d.81.
Enemy Work: 7.0 am: Small party working in communication trench at K.4.c.9.4. digging – Reported to R.F.A. who shelled with H.E. – Work ceased.
7.0 am – 8.0 am: Small parties working in trench at E.30.d.58.
8.30 am: Small working party at K.4.d.5.7.
Reported to Artillery who dispersed this party.
Work continued at E.30.a.90.70. as above.
11.25 am. Small working parties observed again at K.4.c.9.4. & again dispersed by our artillery.
3.45 pm: Working party started digging in cemetery GOMMECOURT
Reported to R.F.A. who opened fire on them and the party cleared off.

9.30 am: Four men were seen working on broken part of Trench at point K.3.d.6.5. One was observed to be using a mall. He was immediately fired on and fell face downwards into the trench. The other three at once rushed for cover. Only one of the party was observed to be wearing a steel helmet, the others round caps.
10.30 am: Two men were seen to be carrying New Wood deals into front line trench at point K.3.d.8.7. These were fired on but no hits observed.

Enemy Snipers: inactive.
Note 1. Light was bad in the morning especially between 6 am & 7 am and 8 am and 12 noon.
Note 2. Work continued on Sniping post L2 (YIDDISH)
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
Patrol Reports (Summaries)
No Compn Time of Place of Object RESULTS
Exit Entry Exit Entry
1 1 N.C.O + 4 O.R. 6.30 pm 1 German seen walking from Bosch Sap at K.3.d.72.63. to sap at K.3.d.55.67.
2. Wiring party of 10 seen outside their wire a little right of K.3.d.69.66.

2 1 N.C.O + 4 O.R 6.30 pm 8.45 pm K.3.d.2.9. K.10.a.7.7. 1. Our Wire is about 100x from our parapet. On left of point of exit, wire is poor. On right it is much broken, but a good obstacle.
2. Ground: fair condition. Many new shell holes, with no water in them.
3. Patrol had to return, being fired on by a covering party of Bosche wiring party at a point about 300 yards half right from point of exit.
3 1 Offr + 5 O.R. 10.15 pm 11.55 pm K.10.a.25.90. Do Listening to working parties 1. Heard Bosche wiring party about K.4.c.6.6.
2. Noises from our side of line clearly audible e.g. “Fire” (batteries), Coughing & talking. Also transport.

4 1 Offr + 5 O.R. 9.35 pm 12.5 am K.3.d.3.6. 40 yds to left of point of exit. 1 Bosche Wire is a considerable distance from his trench.
2 Heard German transport distinctly.
Note: Very bad visibility

N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
From 6 pm, 24th /11/16 till 6 am, 25th /11/16
Enemy Artillery: Exceptionally quiet during the night.
Own Artillery: fired on various targets, some shells fell short close to the MOUSETRAP. No damage was done.
Enemy T.Ms: silent.
Enemy M.Gs: fired bursts at 2.30 am and 6.50 am over HEBUTERNE.

Owing to being so misty, observation rendered very difficult.
Sent in by Adjutant.
I enclose summaries which I made.
[Our patrol directed 18 pdr shrapnel on to Bosche Wiring party & a covering party near K.4.c.9.4.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
From 6 am till 6 pm, 25th /11/16
Enemy Artillery: At 11.30 am the enemy sent ten rounds of 77 mm shells into N.E. portions of HEBUTERNE.
At 12.30 pm this performance was repeated, but no damage was done.
On the whole the artillery of both sides has been very quiet today, owing to rainy & dull weather.
Enemy M.Gs: At 6.50 am, bursts of fire were directed on the left half of HEBUTERNE. This lasted till 7.0 am.
Enemy T.Ms: quiet.

A very quiet day, owing to the wet & mist, observation has been very bad.
Snipers inactive on both sides.
Note: Work is still being done on Sniping Post L2 (YIDDISH)
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
Patrol Report (Summaries)
No Compn Time of Place of Object RESULTS
Exit Entry Exit Entry
1 1 Sgt + 4 men 9.0 pm Junction of Young St. & C line To listen for Bosche working parties U& patrols 1 Heard Bosche working party sounds coming from the N. The patrol was then at a point about K.4.c.5.3.
Note: Going was bad, owing to darkness and wet state of ground.

2 1 Offr + 1 N.C.O + 3 men 930 pm 12.0 mn K.10.a.20.90. Do To examine German wire near K.4.c.1.50. 1 When patrol reached K.4.c.4.2. they heard Bosche working party (filling sandbags) to the N.
There was a covering party.
2 Many new shell holes.
3 1 Sgt + 4 men 7.0 pm K.3.d.25.60. Do To examine wire & saps from Western corner of GOMMCT Wood. 1. Bosche Sap directly opposite point of exit was being wired. Sap is very muddy, although sounds were heard as of a man stamping his feet on bricks or cement.
2. Two flares sent up from front along hedge, slightly N of the sap.
3. This hedge seems to be on a ridge.
4. Two M.Gs opened fire from corner of hedge near sap.
Note: Night very dark for good observation. Too much wind.

4 1 N.C.O. + 4 men 9.30 pm 12.15 am K.3.d.24.60. Do As No * 1 A circular trench about 20x beyond our wire seemed to lead to head of Bosch sap at 4 bare trees.
2 Bosch working in sap head. Saw cigarette being smoked. Heard voices further back in sap.
3 Saw flashes (like electric torches) in GOMMECOURT PARK.
4 Party of 11 Bosche (3 covering party came out of their wire to the N & ****.

N. Richardson
From 6 pm, 25/11/16 till 6 am, 26/11/16
Intermittent shelling of HEBUTERNE with 5.9” & 4.2”, commencing at 5.50 pm and at intervals of five to ten minutes, till 7.0 pm. Occasional rounds were sent over during the night but on the whole, the enemy’s artillery was very quiet.
Own Artillery: very quiet.
Enemy T.Ms: 6.30 pm: Enemy noticed our wiring party at top of YUZ and put 3 minenwerfer (small) close to them. No damage was done.
Enemy M.Gs: quiet.

See Patrol Summaries (enclosed)
Note: Received Quadrant Periscope from BOW.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
From 6 am till 6 pm, 26/11/16
Enemy Artillery: The morning was very quiet, owing to the rain and mist. In the afternoon it became much clearer and consequently there was greater artillery activity on both sides. A few 5.9” shells fell near the R. Support Co. H.Q. And between 3 & 4 pm shells of the same calibre (shrapnel) were directed on the batteries on the left of HEBUTERNE.
Enemy Movement: sentry frequently seen at K.4.d.1.5.
10.30 am men seen going along commun trenches K.5.a.20 to K.5.a.5.2.
10.45 am Movements seen along trench K.4.d.7.9. to K.4.d.8.8. Our Artillery shelled this trench.
12.30 pm Men frequently during next hour were seen moving about trenches in the cemetery K.4.d.7.8. Our observers were unable to perceive their occupation.
1 pm – 2 pm Observation kept on point K.4.b.4.4. which we suspect to be an O.P. owing to its position & appearance.
1.15 pm man was seen to leave this position.
Men seen at intervals with full pack on.

Enemy Work
8.30 am. Working party seen in trench K.5.c.6.1. to K.c.10.95. draining trench. Reported to artillery who shelled the trench.
9.15 am. Working party in trench K.4.d.4.7. to K.4.d.7.5. This party was also draining trench & were reported to artillery.
12.45 pm. Two men in great-coats & steel helmets, with full pack were seen leaving trenches at point E.28.b.5.2.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
Maps Handed over to BOW.
1. Large Paper map. GOMMECOURT 2 B.
2. Large oilskin 1/2500.
3. 56 & 43 Aeroplane Photos
8.L.1258 “ “
4. Left Sub-sector Trench Map 1/5,000 (Paper)
5. Do 1/5,000 2 (Paper)
6. Do 1/5,000 (Linen)
7. Artillery Map
8. 1 Kite Balloon Map 11 M 186.
WJ Warner 2/Lt
Patrol Report (Summaries)
No Compn Time of Place of Object RESULTS
Exit Entry Exit Entry
1 1 Off + 4 men 6.10 pm 8.20 pm At advance front top of YOUNG ST. Do To examine enemy wire near K.3.d.4.6. 1 Found gap about point K.3.d.40.50. This gap was three yards wide, and completely through the wire. The wire was thin on each side of it.2 A German heard (& later seen) get out of a sap 30x N of this gap & march S.W.
3 Not much wire in front of S.W. corner of wood.

2 1 Sgt + 4 men
? ? At disused trench N of advanced Sap MOUSETRAP
K.3.d.30.60. Do To examine wire along N.W. side of GOMMECOURT PARK for 100 yards. 1 Observed Bosche covering party (10) at about K.3.d.50.70.
Note: mist became very heavy & party withdrew.
N. Richardson

From 6 pm, 26/11/16 till 6 am, 27/11/16
Enemy Artillery: Intermittent shelling of HEBUTERNE during the night.
At 8.10 pm, 8.30 pm and from 9.0 to 9.10 pm shells (5.9s & 4.2s) were put over near to the pond and the Aid Post at the entrance to the village.
At 10 pm about 12 rounds 77 mm were fired on ‘R’ line. No damage was done.
Own Artillery: A slow steady rate of firing was kept up with salvoes at intervals.
Enemy T.Ms: Active again.
At 4 pm yesterday the enemy opened out on to our lines with about 50 L.T.Ms.
About 9 pm he commenced again on the left & on the right.
All sizes were used, but no damage was done & the majority fell short.
At 4.0 pm yesterday, he appeared to be firing from K.4.b.10.15.
At 9.0 pm the Bosche seemed to take advantage of the mist for firing his T.Ms.
Enemy M.Gs: One M.G. kept traversing out parapets on the left at intervals. On the whole very quiet. There were bursts over the village at 6.5 and 6.10 am.
Our M.Gs: fairly active.

See Patrol Reports (enclosed)
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
DECK. 26/11/16
A. In front of ‘C’ line.
1. The only wire is round the posts at the head of YUSSIF and the head of YOUNG ST.
2. Between these two posts there has originally been a little wire but now a clear gap, which stretches almost from post to post, has been blown, and absolutely affords no obstacles at all.
3. The wire in front of the posts is not too strong and in places at the YUSSIF post the enemy could bomb the post from the wire.
Note: A complete new system of wire is required in front of ‘C’ line. It requires putting out beyond the present wire so as to place the posts out of bombing distance.
B. Wire between ‘C’ & ‘R’ Lines.
1. The main wire is about 30 yards in front of ‘R’ trench & attached to stout wooden pickets. The wire is in fairly good condition but in places has been blown up by shell fire. The ground between the latter wire and ‘R’ line is full of shell holes and seems to have been laid with cross “trip” wire on short pickets but owing to shell fire this has been badly mangled, the broken places having been filled in with barbed concertinas. This wiring comes to within 4 yards of ‘R’ line.
2. From YUSSIF Tr to MG2 the wire is very thin.
From MG2 the wire stretches to within 20 yards of YOUNG ST, and is old, straggling, fairly good and wide. The remainder is very poor. There are no definite gaps apparent. No concertinas or gooseberries were noticed.
N. Richardson
2nd Lt.

DECK. 27/11/16
REPORTS on Wire.
{ A. Forward of ‘C’ Line.

{B. Between ‘C’ and ‘R’ Line.

A. Forward of ‘C’ Line. In front of Left Front Co. the wire is very good; that of the Right Front Co. is not so good, but here there are stretches of entanglements and wire, old but forming effective obstacles over 100 yds into No Man’s Land.
(a) Right Front Co.
1. Patrol Report of 25/11/16. Place of exit was Left Advanced Post from YOUNG ST. “On our return journey we entered our wire about 50 yards West of the wire fence. The wire was chiefly French wire and little barbed wire was encountered. We struck the wire fence about 30 yards from its junction with ‘Z’ Hedge.”
2. Patrol Report 24/11/16. Place of exit was junction of YOUNG ST & ‘C’ LINE K.3.d.2.9. “The outer edge of our wire is about 100 yards from our parapet”—-“ We left our lines at K.3.d.2.9. and proceeded along the wooden fence which runs out in a N.E. direction. We went about 100 yards along this, the going was fairly easy and we walked all the way. The wire on the fence is still standing. On the left hand side of the fence, very little of our wire is left. On the right the wire is much broken but would form a difficult obstacle.
3. There is fairly good wire round the posts at the head of YUSSIF and also of YOUNG ST.
4. Between these two posts there has originally been a little wire but much of it has been blown away & does not afford much of an obstacle at all.
5. The wire at the YUSSIF post is within bombing range.

(b) Left Front Co. [from YUSSIF to SAP]
1. From YUSSIF to YUZ. – Good; 20 ft wide.
2. From YUZ to SAP – On the whole good; about 20 ft wide.
3. Opposite the end of YUZ: – V. Good indeed. Posts wired all round.

Page 3 of report is missing. Recommences at page 4.

B. (b) Contd
to stout wooden pickets. The wire is in fairly good condition, but in places has been blown up by shell fire.
2 The ground between the latter wire and ‘R’ LINE is full of shell holes and seems to have been laid with cross trip wire on short pickets.
But owing to shell fire this has been badly mangled, the broken places having been filled in with barbed concertinas.
This wire comes to within 4 yards of ‘R’ LINE.

N. Richardson
2nd Lt.
Notes on Maps in Possession.
1. About 30 57C NW Edition 4A. Achiet Le Grand.
2. About 30 57C SW “ “ Martinpuich
3. About 10 1/20,000 Puisieux
4. 1 Achiet.

On separate leaf.

Dugouts. Left Coys Front.
1. Signallers 15 men lying supported by strong beams. 12’ cover.
2. Coy H.Q. 3 beds, supported by 6” props. 4’ cover.
3. Runners. 6 men. 8’ cover.
4. Holds 20 men. 2 entrances. 4’ top.
5. 12 men. good condition. 6’ cover.
6. Elephant dugout, holds 8. cover 3’.
7. Holds 6. Off servants. 4’ cover.

1. Weatherproof hold 3 men.
Others 4 each hold 4. 3’ cover.
2. 2 each hold 5 men. Corrugated iron cover
3. Patrol post. hold 4 men. Corrugated Iron cover
4. 5 others in SUPPORT LINE hold 3 men. Corrugated Iron cover.
F.C. Bootimore Lt.
D Coy

Illustration of locations.

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