11th Canadian Inf. Bde. 4 November 1916

File not needed.
4th Can. Div.
11th Canadian Inf. Bde.

Please submit the name of a Field Officer who will do liaison work with the 18th Division during the future operations.

He will be temporarily attached to Divisional Headquarters from the “Z” day, but will be available for his battalion should casualties demand it.
K.D. Murray
General Staff

Nov. 4th 1916.

To: – O.C. 54th 75th 87th & 102nd Battns.

Please forward to these Headquarters by 3 p.m. tomorrow, 5th inst. the name of a Field Officer who could undertake this duty.

Signature unreadable
Brigade Major
11th Canadian Inf. Brigade

F.S. Parah
Maj Parah
You are detailed for this work.
Kindly note & return
Signature unreadable.

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