George Ryan’s letter home dated 22 Oct 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 22 Oct 1915

On headed notepaper with regimental crest 9th Middlesex Regt.
22 Oct 1915

Dear Dad,

Thanks very much for your letter. I’m glad you are still keeping on full time at the shop.

No doubt there are a lot at work at Enfield but I’ve got some idea of what it must be like. The Factories here & at Cossipore & Ishapore are fairly big & are working at top speed. It’s a sight when they all come trooping out all dressed in different coloured rags & 9 out of 10 carrying umbrellas which they have to open as they are searched when they go out.

Thanks very much for looking after my bike. I don’t think there’s any need to pump up the tyres, as they are not on the ground. Unless you think it will help to keep them from perishing.

Told Ma all the news so can’t write any more & I’ve got to get ready to go on guard.

Yr loving son

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