53 Infantry Brigade Order 21 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade Order 21 October 1917

SECRET. B. M. 53rd Inf. Bde No. B. O. 25.
8th Norf. R.
10Essex R.
11R. Fus. R.
12Middlesex R.
18th Division “G”.

In the event of an emergency arising which calls for the employment of a Brigade Reserve, the 2 Coys 11th R. Fusiliers detailed to assemble about ROSE TRENCH, in Amendments No. 2. to 53rd Inf. Bde. Preliminary Instructions No. 1. For POELCAPELLE OPERATIONS II (issued under 53rd Inf. Bde. No. C.757) will be available for this purpose, as distinct from their role as counter-attacking troops.
It is considered that the O.C. 8th Norf. R. will have sufficient troops of his own Bn. to deal with any emergency arising on his own Battalion front.
These 2 Coys of the 11th R. Fus. will therefore primarily be at the disposal of the O.C. 10th Essex R., who is however, empowered to allot a portion of them up to 1 Coy to assist the 8th Norf. R. if the situation demands it.
One Officer of these 2 Companies accompanied by two runners of each Coy., will report to O.C. 10th Essex R. at V.12.a.6.1. by Zero hour.
Should any of these troops be used as supporting troops as above, the O.C. 11th R. Fus and O.C. 10th Essex R. will immediately inform Brigade H.Qrs. in order that they may be replaced by 2 Coys. 12th Middlesex R. These 2 Coys will not be used until all Battalion Reserves have been absorbed in the Battle. If not used as Brigade Reserve, they will be available to carry out their original role as counter-attacking troops.
John D. Crosthwaite,
Brigade Major, 53rd Infantry Brigade.
21st Oct. 17.
Issued at * 45 p.m.

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