53 Infantry Brigade Order 108 22 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade Order 108 22 October 1917

SECRET. B.M. Copy No: – 2.
22nd October, 1917.
53rd Inf. Brigade Order No. 108.
1. 11th R. Fus, and 12th Middlesex will relieve 10th Essex R. and 8th Norf. R. in the line this evening.

2. 1 Coy. 11th R. Fus. has captured TRACAS FARM.

3. This Coy will continue to hold the ground captured.
1 Coy will take over the front E. of MEUNIER HO.
The other 2 Coys. will be disposed about GLOSTER FARM and V.20.a.5.0.
Bn. H.Q. at V.19.a.6.1.
A forward O.P. and R.C. will be established at V.19.b.4.1., the present Bde. O.P.

4. 12th Middlesex R. will hold the Bde. front N. of the SPRIET Road with 1 Coy., with 1 Coy. In support about the BREWERY, 1 platoon of this Company forming garrison for the S.P. at REQUETE FARM.
Bn. H.Q. at V.19.a.6.1.
2 Coys. 12th Middlesex will be held in Bde. Reserve about ROSE TRENCH for immediate counter-attack.
H.Q. Counter-attack Coys:- PHEASANT FARM.
5. 53rd M.G. Coy will remain in their present position.

6. 3 Secs 79th Fd. Coy. R.E. and attached platoons making S.Ps. will continue to garrison them tonight.

7. Boundary between Bns. Will be the SPRIET – POELCAPPELLE – NEW HOUSES Road inclusive to the 12th Middlesex R.
Bde. boundaries will be as follows:- on the South – LEKKERBOTERBEEK; on the North – a line from V.14.b.2.2. – V.19.a.2.2.

8. All details of relief to be arranged between C.O.s concerned.

9. On completion of relief, 10th Essex R. and 8th Norf. R. will withdraw to CANE TRENCH.

10. Completion of relief to be reported to Brigade H.Q. by the code work TRAMWAY.

John D. Crosthwaite
Brigade Major, 53rd Inf. Bde.
Issued at: – 2/30 p.m.
Copy No:-
1. G.O.G. 15. 10th Essex R.
2. B.M. 16. 11th R. Fus.
3. S.C. 17. 12th Middlesex R.
4. Sig. O. 18. 54th Inf. Bde. .
5. Supply. O. 19. 55th Inf. Bde.
6. T.O. 20. 54th T.M.B.
7. Norf. R. 21. 55th T.M.B.
8. Suff. R. 22. 102nd Inf Bde.
9. R. Berks. R. 23. 27th Inf. Bde.
10. 53rd M.G.C. 24. 18th Div “G”
11. 53rd T.M.B. 25. 18th Div “Q”.
12. 79th Fd. Coy R.E. 26. Bde. H.Q. Rear.
13. 56th Fd. Amb. 27. A.P.M. 18th Div.
14. 151st Coy. A.S.C. 28. War Diary.
29. War Diary.
30. File.

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