53 Infantry Brigade Order 104 18 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade Order 104 18 October 1917

Copy No 2
18th October 1917
53rd Inf. Bde Order No 104.
1. 53rd Bde. (plus 7th Queens R.W. Surrey R. attached) will relieve 54th Bde in the line on the night 20/21st October.
2. 8th Norf. R., 10th Essex R., 53rd M.G.C., 53rd T.M.B. and 53rd Bde. H.Q. will move by train leaving POPERINGHE at 11 a.m. to the Forward Area.
7th Queens R. will be picked up by this train at DIRTY BUCKET CAMP.
Staff Captain will arrange entrainment on the spot.
3. Units will march to entraining Station RAILHOEK, L.5.d. on 20th inst., in accordance with attached March Table.
4. 8thv Suff. R. and 6th R. Berks R. will not move.
5. On completion of relief units will be disposed as follows:-
7th Queens… … In the line.
10th Essex R.
1 Coy … … ROSE TRENCH.
H.Q. & 2 Coys … CANE TRENCH.
8th Norf. R. … … CANE TRENCH.
53rd M.G.C. … … CANAL BANK.
53rd T.M.B. … … CANAL BANK.
6. Transport of units moving forward will move by march route to CHATEAU des TROIS TOURS, head of column passing F.28.a.0.4. at 9 a.m.
Column will march under orders of Bde. T.O., by unit groups at 200 yards distances.
John D. Crosthwaite
Brigade Major, 53rd Infantry Brigade.
Issued at:- 6.30 am 19th
Copies to:-
Copy No:-
1.G.O.C. 13. 56th Fd. Amb. 25. War Diary
2. B.M. 14. 79th Fd. Coy. R.E. 26. War Diary.
3. S.C. 15. 151st Coy. A.S.C. 27. File.
4.S.O. 16. 54th Inf. Bde. 28. 54th T.M.B.
5. T.O. 17. 55th Inf. Bde. 29 55th T.M.B.
6. Supply O. 18. 34th Div.
7. Norf. R. 19. 9th Div.
8. Suff. R. 20. 18th Div “G”.
9. Essex R. 21. 18th Div “Q”.
10. R. Berks R. 22. A.P.M. 18th Div.
11. 53rd M.G,C. 23. 7th Queens.
12. 53rd T.M.B. 24. Area Cdt. Canal Bank.

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