29th Divisional Artillery – Location Statement 22-9-17

SECRET. Copy No. 4

29th Divisional Artillery – Location Statement 22-9-17.

Reference Map sheet 28.

H.Q. 29th Divisional Artillery J Camp (A.8.b.1.5.)

15th Brigade R.H.A. B.11.a.7.7.

“B” Battery R.H.A. B.6.c.5.6.
“L” Battery R.H.A. B.6.a.2.2.
Warwick Bty R.H.A. B.6.a.3.3.
460th Battery R.F.A. B.6.d.4.1.
Wagon Lines B.7.b.4.7. to A.12.b.0.5.

11th Brigade R.F.A. C.1.d.45.75.

83rd Battery R.F.A. C.1.b.1.1.
84th Battery R.F.A. C.1.d.45.82.
85th Battery R.F.A. C.1.b.3.0.
D/11 Battery R.F.A. C.7.a.9.7.
Wagon Lines A.12.a.3.2. to A.11.b.7.7.

17th Brigade R.F.A. B.12.b.5.3.

13th Battery R.F.A. B.6.d.38.71.
26th Battery R.F.A. B.6.d.90.50.
92nd Battery R.F.A. C.7.a.92.98.
D/17 Battery R.F.A. C.1.c.8.7.
Wagon Lines B.7.b.4.4. to A.12.b.6.4.

11th Brigade Ammn Column A.5.d.

Guards D.A.C. B.1.c.5.5.

29th D.A.C. A.12.a.5.5.

29th Div Trench Mortars STAFFORD CAMP.
Signature unreadable
Captain R.A.
Brigade Major 29th Divisional Arty.

Copy No 1 – 29th Div G. 10 – 15th Bde R.H.A.
2 – 29th Div Q. 11 – 17th Bde R.F.A.
3 – 29th Div Signals 12 – 29th D.A.C.
4 – C.R.A. 13 – Guards D.A.C.
5 – B.M. 14 – 29th D.T.M.O.
6 – Staff Captain 15 – XIV Corps H.A.
7 – Reconnaissance Officer 16 – Right Artillery
8 – R.A. XIV Corps 17 – 9th Squadron R.F.C.
9 – 11th Bde R.F.A.

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